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June 25, 2020


Lamborghini Huracan Spyder totaled 20 minutes after leaving showroom

(Thanks to DaninDallas, who says "Mom...can I have another $250,000 please?")


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A little duct tape and it'll be good as new.

...ya gotta love those official nascar approved repairs (don't forget to change the tires), they'll have that back on the road in less than 20 seconds.

Only $265,000? I guess you have to pay more for the model that can go more than 20 minutes between visits to the service dealer.

I'ma also reminded of what a certain other vehicle manufacturer says: "Rolls-Royce cars never, ever break down. However, very occasionally, they do 'fail to proceed.'"

Those Duke boys are at it again.

Refer to my comment in the thread about the expensive boat. It applies here, too.

It'll buff out.

Just a few modifications, like cut off the damaged part & replace it with a wooden platform and that'll make Ol'Jeb one helluva pick-em-up-truck.

Is that a new record from off the lot to wreck ir you don't count the ones crashed during test drives?

I seem to recall some other rich kid topped that by totaling a Dodge Challenger Wildcat a mere 7 minutes after leaving the showroom.

I once saw a Porsche 911 in a junkyard, bent in half.

It had 7 miles on the odometer.

The driver tried to take a 45 mph bend at 145 mph. The coefficient of force, and a badly placed lightpole, did the rest.

The only thing left intact was the unmailed check to the car insurance company.

That's a shame, because 20 minutes of successful motoring in an Italian car is an amazing start! How sad that it was crushed. When you buy an Italian car, they always throw in a dog. That way, you don't have to walk home alone.

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