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June 30, 2020


Fisherman steals a King Salmon fire truck, drives to bar with emergency lights on

(Thanks to Jane Linderman, John Lobert, Mark Buckley, Stever and Roberto)


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If only they had let him walk into the bar & THEN arrested him, there might have been a funny story here, but this way it's just kinda sad.

Having actually been to King Salmon, I believe the rumors of an underground alien city being located beneath the town are true. Watches stop, compasses point any direction but north and the locals won't drink the water unless it is diluted with alcohol. The residents sometimes go a tad off-center for no reason.
Of course, the Roswell aliens deny any knowledge of this underground city, but advise against vacationing there.

I thought for sure this would have been near Flathead Co. Now that I think about it, the firetruck would have gotten lost if it had been Flathead Co.

Shoddy reporting!

Where’s the picture of the perp?

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