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June 25, 2020


Blood-sucking ‘vampire fish’ now spawning in Vermont’s coastal rivers, state says

(Thanks to John W.)


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This confirms it. I'm never traveling anywhere, ever again. *Grabs huge tube of eye bleach.*

You wouldn't want one of those stuck even on the OUTSIDE of your penis, although I'm starting to rethink that whole whale photo situation. Could they like be the oceanic equivalent of a french-tickler? "Lamprey" sounds like it might be borrowed from the french, no? This from Science Food for Thought:{Lampreys have long been used as food for humans. During the Middle Ages, they were widely eaten by the upper classes throughout Europe, especially during fasting periods, since their taste is much meatier than that of most true fish. King Henry I of England is said to have died from eating "a surfeit of lampreys"}
...so I guess the trick is to eat them before they eat you, although King Henry may have his doubts.

In a footnote to this story, the source of the species in Vermont waters is believed to be the University of Vermont's law school.

For the 10,000th time...No, I WILL NOT TURN OFF MY AD BLOCKER!

Vermont's "coastal waters?" Vermont has lakes and rivers, but no seacoast — yet.

And the Connecticut River is not a Vermont river. It is completely owned by New Hampshire between the two states.

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