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June 30, 2020


People React To Chuck E. Cheese Parent Company Filing For Bankruptcy


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I don’t see how Mr. Cheese can survive in a COVID-19 world.

RIP, Mr. Cheese.

The company has no fight left in them.

Having almost died in a Chuck-E-Cheese playhouse, I can not weep this new.

Chuck E. Cheese will depart by uttering the immortal words of General Douglas MacArthur, "I shall return." Then Chuck will be led away by nice men in white coats screaming with maniacal laughter.

Understandably difficult to have full-family brawls when everyone is confined to their cars in the drive-thru lane.

Also, Vocabulary Word of the Day So Far: "Eatertainment."

I think they would survive if they add an axe throwing lanes in their facilities.

Now that this particular venue is closing I sadly must admit that I've never ventured into a Mr.Cheese establishment.

I have been to one, like 25 years ago. At one point, I was sure the mouse was about to fondle me. Let us remember the good times

Ding dong, the mouse is dead!
Which old mouse? The wicked mouse!
Ding dong, the wicked mouse is dead!

..wasn't the wicked one a duck?

There are no sacred institutions any more.

With deepest regrets, I learned today that the Cheesy location near me is, sadly, remaining open.

My mother had a telephone number one digit away from the local Chuck-E-Cheese. She got a lot of wrong numbers but said all the getting up to answer the phone was cheaper than an exercise plan and probably just as effective.

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