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May 21, 2020


Elephants Really Can’t Hold Their Liquor

(Thanks to Steve K.)


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That explains so many sealed records at incidents involving the local GOP monthly meetings.

My Uncle Bud was an equine officer. He gave a beer to his partner on a hot day. It was then that he discovered that horses cannot hold their alcohol. It was a very long shift.

I thought people saw them in bars all the time. And they're pink.

"Well, at $50 for a pina colada, you won't see many more!" If you can't remember the joke that goes with that punch line, just make up your own, it'll probably be better.

That's why you mudt hold THEM, which, with their big ears is not quite as easy as one might think.

A giraffe and an elephant walk into a bar. The giraffe has too much to drink and falls on the floor.
The elephant starts to leave.
The bartender snarled, "You can't leave that lyin' on my floor!"
The elephant just shook his ears and said. "That's a
giraffe, not a lion."

They're frequently trunk and disorderly.

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