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May 26, 2020


DUI driver crashes into liquid manure pond near Elk Grove

(Thanks to Doug Ogg and Geoff)


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He's going to be a big hit at his first Al Anon meeting.

I wondered where Biff Tannen has been all these years.

"I hate manure!"

Ish not a problem Ozshiffer, flit shoats, sho I'll be out of here in a jziffy, perhapsh you've (uurp!) sheen my keysh?

One question: why by all that is holy would someone have a liquid manure pond?

OZSHIFER?!?, Might you have a shtraw sho I could shuck dish ting outa here?

His BAC read "sh*t-faced"

In farm country that's pronounced "man-you-RAY"

Jeff Meyerson: The short answer is that the EPA prohibits manure pollution into waterways, and treatment lagoons are a common method of dealing with agricultural waste. See chapter 2 of this document for more details.

Managing waste properly also keeps animals healthier, which is important for profitability.

@Jeff - I’d say it is because it is an effective deterrent to bad drivers.

...So, Farmer Dave fills his truck full of manure from the local dairy and on his way back home has to stop at a red light while passing through town. Standing at the corner just happen to be the two town drunks, Nutz & Putz. Finding the aroma hard to ignore, Putz hollers out to Dave: "Whatcha'll gonna due with all that doo-doo?" Farmer DAVE responds: "Putting all this on my strawberries, really brings out the flavor!" as the light changes and he drives off. Putz looks at Nutz and says: "We should try that!" Nutz replies: "You can if you want to, but I put ice-cream on mine, look what they call me."

I've heard weirder stories than that at AA meetings.
(Al-Anon is where his wife is gonna go.)

"Uh, honey, could you come down to the police department and bail me out of jail? You simply won't believe what a crappy day I've had."

Why are there fake cows in the picture?

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