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May 21, 2020


A family finds nearly $1 million in cash in the middle of the road. Police want to know how the money ended up there

(Thanks to David Emery, who says "Uh, this fell out of the back of my pickup....")


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When did the old saw, "Finders Keepers" stop being a good idea?

I was wondering the same thing Le Petomane.

Hey! 'Ehy! (he said, while adjusting his tie) It must have fell off the back of a truck, you want it or not?

Be careful what you do when you find lost money.

How it ended up there...? Fell out of some politician's back pocket would be my guess.

Why in the world do these people report finding that much money?!! Sure, if it were $100 or $1000, but a million? You just know there's foul pay involved. No one's going to come forward to claim that much money.

I'm not so sure I'd want to try returning it to the sort of folks who carry around that kind of money. They probably wouldn't want you to know who they were.

The police found the owners of the lost cash and returned all $800.

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