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May 29, 2020


There's a moose in the pool.

(Thanks to wiredog)


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...just goes to show you if your best friend is a flying squirrel, you need to find a new friend

Send cops with donuts!

All part of fiendish plan!

I just hope it doesn't bite my sister.


Occupy Pool.

"Rocky, this is Ames Furman. Bullwinkle got drunk and fell in our pool again. You really need to get that moose some help."

Big deal. There's a fly in the soup!

It climbed out.

Large four-legged creature swim time was over and the life guard blew the whistle for free swim.

Diner: waiter! What's this fly doing in my soup? Waiter: By the looks of it sir, I'd guess the backstroke.

'throw in some pool noodles and if I'm not mistaken that's the recipe for Alaskan Stroganof

''Yeah it's out, easy as shoot'n fish in a barrel with a crowbar.

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