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May 26, 2020


Hospital angrily denies snake discovered in operating theatre, insisting there was only a monkey

(Thanks to Ralph)


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As I get older, it's getting harder and harder to differentiate interns and wildlife.

Was the surgeon wearing a yellow hat?

Of course the hospital angrily denied there was a snake involved. The insurance only paid for a monkey business consultation.

When I was working in the ER we had a guy come in who had been bitten by a snake. I noticed he was carrying a Walmart bag and it was moving. For some reason he thought it would be a good idea to bring the live rattlesnake in so we could see what had bitten him. The ER doctor and I almost killed each other trying to get away from him and his snake. Police were called, the snake was disposed of by several very nervous cops, and we told the guy we were very trusting people who would believe him at any time. No need to bring in any more evidence.

nursecindy — Was he symptomatic? You don't want to give antivenin otherwise. Even if he was correct in his identification, it could have been a "dry" warning bite. Or it could have been a Hognose Snake imitating a rattler by shaking its tail in the leaves. Under some circumstances, I'd want to see the snake, properly handled, of course. A Walmart bag does not sound ideal.

First of all, Doctor Zaius was an APE not a monkey.
Monkey is a racist term to apes and should never be used.
However, "damn dirty ape" is acceptable.

I'm with Ralph, "George was too curious..."

Which Monkey ? There aren't that many left.

Was the organ grinder present also?

Grinds what? o.O

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