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May 27, 2020


The theme tonight is: state capitals.

What, you have a better theme?


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Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, Hobart, Perth.

That's all of them there.

Next question?


Springfield - Everything I know I learned on television.

Some state capitals have really weird names. some are named after people, yet none are named after animals. Strangely, none are named " Skunk ".

Would I be wrong to say D.C. and the Great White Red House should be a state capital?

We're on to you Dave! Capitals, shmapitals, I put statecapitals into the anagram generator and the biggest word (the only one with 11 letters) came back as "stalactites", so if you don't have the stomach for where this is all going you'd best grab you're passport, any loose cash, hop in your kayak and start paddling a beeline for Cuba 'cuz you & I both know it won't be long before we get to the bottom of all this. Anybody out there with an Enigma machine?

How many state capitals (OK, wise guy, US states) are also the largest cities in their respective states?

17. Can you name them all? I can.

I win. Or not.

Salem, OR
(Witch free city)

My research is starting to pay dividends, for instance if Mr. Blog had chosen instead to say "gm state capitals" then stalagmites would have appeared on the list. So stalactites form on the cave ceiling while stalagmites grow up from the floor, and if you make the analogy to the spacex scrubbing, well, I'm sure we can all see where this is all going.

Sacramento, California

From Wikipedia:
”Before the arrival of the Spanish, the area was inhabited by the Nisenan, Maidu, and other indigenous peoples of California. Spanish cavalryman Gabriel Moraga surveyed and named the Rio del Santísimo Sacramento (Sacramento River) in 1808, after the Blessed Sacrament, referring to the Eucharist in the Catholic Church.”

You just never know what you will learn from this Blog!

I'm in the State of Confusion. Is there a Capital and, if so, How do I find it?

My state of mind: I'M DOING FINE HERE. HOW ARE YOU?

Keep Austin Weird.

OK, I'll play along, but only as some form of entrapment. What state capital used to be known as "Tremont"?

Is this some sort of capital punishment?

I can name all the state capitals.
Washington: W.
Oregon: O.
California: C. ...

The state capital of North Carolina is Raleigh.
The state capital of South Carolina is not Raleigh.

The capital of SC is Walter, I believe.

MOTW, a couple of years ago I went to a TCU basketball game (in Fort Worth, of course) again SMU (from Dallas, of course). They were giving out T-shirts that said:

You can keep Austin weird, just keep Dallas at least 30 miles away from us.

Guthrie is the legitimate capital of Oklahoma, because those cretins in Oklahoma City STOLE the state seal and declared Oklahoma City as the state capital. And the best city in the state, Tulsa, isn’t the capital.

Related info - Austin, the Tulsa of Texas, is the state capital of Texas.

OK no guesses yet so time for a hint, it's one of the 17 and it was called Tremont because back when the French fur-trappers powered the economic engine of New France, (during most of the Maunder minimum) from the sea it appeared to have "trois mont" or three hills/mountains or just one mont with a lot of trees on it, it's not really that clear, much like when you call some place Dumfries, 'cuz you've got it out for the French or the Canucks, or the Cajun, I mean really, how the hell would I know, you're the one with the problem not me!? Let's just call them chips or maybe crisps, because the French and the English never got along that well, anyway.

The state capital of Florida is Tallahassee. Which is bizarre because before the invention of the spell checker no one could spell Tallahassee.The best state capital belongs to Ohio because Columbus discovered a short route to India. If Dave is serious about needing themes for the Blog, June 2 which is just around the corner, is the birthday of the Marquis de Sade.

All-right, all-right, it's Bahston, are you happy now? BOSTON! Just leave me alone I didn't want to play this stupid game anyway, so this is all on you "the blog". What a french-idea, anyway.

Here in Houston (not the capital, but thankfully neither is Dallas, which is actually in Oklahoma), the best music that comes through is during the SWSX festival, with groups going to/coming from Austin. Like Asylum St. Spankers (RIP) - "If You Want Me To Love You":


They put out an EP that makes this look like Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. One of my favored possessions.

Tremont? Hell, the original name of the state capitol of this state was Pig's Eye. They shouldn't have changed it...

Sheesh! Pig's Eye, really? Jeez, I hope they didn't change it to French Lick! ...Did they?

Phoenix phoooey. Here in Tucson we despise Phoenix. We are cooler in all senses of the word...

Tho Phoenix is also the largest city in the state. One of the seventeen I guess.

I have lived in 2 state capitals, both of which have been mentioned above. I have also lived in another city that once upon a time used to be its state capital.

So, I got that going for me.

In olden days, there was a big debate between Tucson
and Phx. about where to put the University of Arizona.
Both cities wanted it. They found a comprimise,
Tucson got the University, Phx. got the Insane Asylum.
That explains a lot if you think about it.

>Virtual User: love it

This capital city has gold nuggets the size of beans and gaseous legislators. It’s the third largest city in the 49th state. Did you know it’s Juneau?

I never knew Boston was Tremont. I know Tremont in Da Bronx.

Albany is one of the lamest state capitals ever. Just sayin'. I like Madison, and Boston is good other than the drivers, Old Sacramento was fun.

My guesses.

St. Paul (oooooo is it bigger than Mineapolis ?)
Raleigh ????
Salt Lake City
Santa Fe ?????
Des Moines

Here's a good state capital trivia:

Name 2 state capitals named after men who where executed.

Oooo....I just thought of Honolulu...can I substitute for St. Paul ?

I would think Oklahoma City for sure. and yes Honolulu. Little Rock. Jackson.

M*A*S*H, "Soldier of the Month": A contest for the award is held among some of the enlisted men.

SERGEANT ZALE: "I know a lot of state capitals. I'll show you. Ask me the capital of Cleveland!"

Oh yeah, Little Rock for sure. Oklahoma City versus Tulsa.......probably right. I don't think Cheyene is right.

Answer to 2 state capitals named after men who were executed:

St. Paul MN
Raleigh NC. (Barney Fife shot ????)

It just hit me that Knoxville is not the capital of TN. Its Nashville. And I watched HEE HAW today to boot.

Le Dud: so Raleigh must be one, right? I hope you are not counting Lincoln's assassination as an execution...

sorry Le Dud, I saw your second post with the answers after I had posted my guesses...St. Paul, good one

Okay, if you insist.


I still don't see the point.

State capitals this is all you need


I was gonna guess Stiff, PA and Sparky, KY, (on the two dead guys thing) good thing because being a bit of a stiff, myself, I'd a whole lotta stupid looked.

Re Tremont: There's a neighbourhood in Montreal called Outremont, which means Outside of Tremont. Surprised more places aren't using that name.

It could also be taken to mean: Tremont? Where the f. is Tremont?

Albany is really, alba, meaning white, and NY meaning New York, so really when you say Albany you're saying White, NY but they decided long ago that that just sounded way to racist. So when you say Albany, NY, you're really saying "White, New York, New York" and I doubt if Frank Sinatra was that racist. Come-on, one of his best chums was, (or at least I'm sure in Frank's old blue eyes), just a one-eyed Jew. Hey, either way, still one-hell-of-a-town!

Montreal means Mont=mountain & real=royal, so Mountain Royal (or real-estate of the King/Queen) but that aside still a nice piece of realty that the colonists were never able to get the French to cede no matter how hard they tried, so that's more or less the reality of the situation today.

.. oh yea, and one more thing! I got your "a better idea" right here: Dave Barry & Rick Steves, two different people? I don't think ...(whoa, I almost poofed-out there for a second)
...they are! possible explanations: 1. aliases 2. alter egos 3. multiple personality disorder (Knowing how stressful all those deadlines professional writers deal with and the danger involved in cashing all those large advance and royalty checks can be I'm thinking 3.

B. K. T. There - I stated three capitals, as requested. Is that enough? D. M. W.... I can keep going for while if you want.

Here's a good Jeopardy state capital question:

"What is the oldest city in the US that is CURRENTLY a state capital ?" (hint its not Boston)

Dirt? (cuz that's older Dave, almost)

A wide spot in the road named Straw Town (still is) north of Indianapolis was once considered as a place for the capitol when they moved it from Corydon. Straw Town’s big draw was a live stock auction were I used to go with my grandfather. Indianapolis had a brewery so our wise legislators chose it.

Here's a good Jeopardy state capital question:

"What is the oldest city in the US that is CURRENTLY a state capital ?" (hint its not Boston)

ANS: Sante Fe, New Mexico

(I think 2/3 jeopardy people missed as did I watching from home...I guess Spanish established way back when)

Okay, I will state it: "CAPITALS".

So, now what do I do?

Awaiting further instructions.

I've heard rumors that "Olde Hadley" was laid out to be the first USA capital but in the ensuing years things went better than expected. In recognition of that L'Enfant and his Lt. (whose name escapes me at this time, along with Olmstead) use it to develop the northeast boundary of
D.C. (by drawing a perpendicular line off a line drawn between North Mount Sugarloaf & the southern Mount Sugarloaf in Stronghold or Germantown, such that the perpendicular line intersects at 77W & 33N) as well as the ~13.6 mile diagonal of what's left of the diamond shape (two triangles~ as above, so below) that forms what is only a partial section of their originl plan. So capitalistically speaking, there's that.

I'm so disappointed, all the answers and no one remembered Annapolis MD, former CAPITAL of the US. Home of the first US Naval Academy.

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