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May 03, 2020


Honey stealing, cow-chasing bear’s nine months on the run comes to an end

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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When I see the words "cheeky bear" I think of something that is cute and cuddly that you might squirt with a water bottle if it was being naughty. I wouldn't squirt this bear and I wouldn't hit him on the nose with a newspaper either.

There's nothing worse than a cheeky, honey stealing,Cow-chasing bear.
But nursecindy is right about it not being a good idea to whack a bear. Newcomers to Alaska are told that to protect from bears you need to wear a necklace of little bells to warn the bear of your presence. Also carry a canister of pepper spray just to be safe.
If you think you are in bear country look for piles of poop. If it's bear poop you will be able to identify it because it will contain little bells and smell of pepper spray.

I think I learned a new word today. Roguery. How can I work that into my next conversation? I have plenty of time to think about it with the lock down.

I wonder if they cleaned the caravan (camper) after the bear shook it or abandoned it. IMO, Papillon's photo looks more like they introduced a grizzly bear by mistake.

I have spent some time in the Alaskan bush doing geology and have --often accidentally--been within a close distance to bears. I believe that photo is a grizzly because of the hump.
Grizzlies get huge and scary as all get out, but seldom attack humans unless they get between a female and her cubs or a male guarding his food cache.
Alaskan guides claim moose attack more humans than bears.
In all my encounters with bears, nothing really happened. Yet it only takes once.
Professional guides recommend always traveling with a buddy and carry a small .22 pistol in an easily accessible pocket.
If a bear charges, all you have to do is shoot your buddy in the foot. Then there is no reason to do more than stroll away.

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