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May 10, 2020


But this made us laugh.


(Thanks to John Lobert)


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That indeed sums it up.

Wrapped or unwrapped?

Asking for a friend.

There's an event record that's just begging to be broken.

Well, it's some kind of sense, and unfortunately it is all too common.

I am wondering if this story was for Easter and the guy got his dates confused. Probably the last place you would look for eggs unless you were a proctologist or psychiatrist.

My friend wondered if "the common sense of the British people" was this guy thinking, "Nah, better not go for ten."

The Enema of the People.

What a waste of a good Cadbury Creme Egg.

There is a guy here in Geezer Acres who claims to have stuck 10 cream eggs up his bum.

@Dennis 71-72--On the subject of eggs up the bum:

A proctologist would do a colonoscope to check on matters.

A psychiatrist would suggest waiting to see if they hatch.

And then what did you do?

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