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May 21, 2020


1.5 Million Cicadas Are Ready to Emerge After Nearly 20 Years Underground

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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Murder hornets aren't on the East Coast----YET.

Anyway, they won't be in Fla 'cause the hurricanes will blow them away.

Steverino, they won't make it past Texas. The fire ants will see to that.

Noooooooooooooooooo! We had them here in North Carolina years ago and the noise almost drove me nuts.

In reading the article, I must admit, if I had an exoskeleton, I think I'd be ready to climb a tree and shed it about now too.

The last time they 'woke up' I was working for a company the supplied service for the computers and machinery for the toll facilities in MD and DC. Cicadas
would fly into the coin counters at the coin only toll booths where the would get grounded up in the coin counters. There is nothing more disgusting than spending days cleaning out the green slimy remains.

Never shed your skin unless the month has an "R" in it.

Is this better or worse than 1.5 million humans ready to emerge after nearly 20 weeks stuck in their homes?

wanderer2575--Good analogy. I'm glad I have retained enough sanity to choose the cicadas. At least they have the decency to disappear for another 20 years.

My people call them locusts.

Clankie: Nope, different than Locusts

We do actually have a very large (not Murder size, but scary big) hornets here in Maryland that we call "Cicada killers" Mother Nature is a wonderful person.

I love cicadas. They sound like summer. Plus, dogs love to crunch them up, and they're not poisonous.

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