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May 26, 2020


Our theme tonight is the Smoot-Hawley Tariff. We know you have strong feelings. Don't hold them in.


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Is that the name of the flap door on men's briefs? Does anybody use that thing?

wo-o-o feelings.

There she is again
Standing over by the record machine
Lookin' like a model on the cover of a magazine
She's too cute to be a minute over seventeen

Meanwhile I was thinking...

I bought a jar of mayonnaise. After opening it, I immediately refrigerated it, as ordered on the label to refrigerate after opening.

Now what do I do?

Awaiting further instructions.

I am afraid to open a can of evaporated me. As soon as I open it it is going to , well you know.

staticjoeage: Leave it in the refrigerator until we have a vaccine.

sorry- MILK

Feelings, for all my life I'll feel it
I wish I've never met you, girl; you'll never come again

This song should be attempted by the Remainders in the future. Maybe as a rap song.

Is it October already? It's so hard to tell.

Didn't they write I want To eat your face?

Part of the Smoot-Hawley Tariff would insure that every American would have a chicken in every OTHER pot. Every pot was deemed excessive and a waste of chicken beaks.

When asked why the Tariff would be effective, Smoot replied "That's the way the dipsy doodle works."

Later in life, Reed Smoot was arrested for having the name Reed Smoot.

Willis C. Hawley was convicted of dancing with a mailman.

The Hawly-Smoot tarrif and the retaliatory tarrifs that followed basically turned the American depression into a world wide affair, paving the way for the rise of the Nazis and WWII. Other than that, not a bad piece of legislation.B


No sense arguing about this, as far as I can see, it's smoot....

The Smoot-Hawley tariff was conceived when the two politicians started drinking tequila in a Mexican cantina while researching the inequities of prohibition.

Ever since, politicians coming up with new laws while drinking is considered a bad idea.
They were thrown out of the cantina for failing to pay for their drinks by claiming, "Money? We're congressmen an' we don't need no stinkin' money. We have taxpayers for that." A sentiment that unfortunately became standard Washington procedure that is in effect to this day.

The Smoot-Hawley Tariff was indeed a contributing cause to the Great Depression, but not the major cause. It caused other countries to raise tariffs against U.S. goods, thereby choking off markets to U.S. companies, resulting in decreased sales and employment.

However, it pales in comparison to the economic damage caused by first, the French cheating on the gold standard, and the Federal Reserve restricting the money supply to the point where they did severe damage to the U.S. economy (Milton Friedman and Anna Schwarz are renowned for their work on how/why the Fed is to blame).

I'm taking a break from politics tonight to read an 1893 novel, Baron Trumps Magnificent Underground Journey.

This is available from Amazon.


The same author also wrote The Last President in the year 1900.
It will be refreshing reading fiction that has no basis in reality.

"Heavily featured in the book "Dave Barry Slept Here: a sort of history of the United States" by Dave Barry" says the Wikipedia entry on Smoot-Hawley. And no, I'm not making that up. ;)

Smoot-Hawley was signed by Hoover.

Does that mean I have to vacuum now?

Smut Howley Tariff is an integral part of the Green Nude Eel, proposed by Senator Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez.

Sorry, but I'm only familiar with Weird Al Yankovic's accordion version, so being a parody I don't want to add insult to injury, thus adding emotional stress to the long list of injustices this whole period in US history has caused. (Only that Dutch guy's purchase of Manhattan Island, more commonly known as the "Manhattan Transfer", has had more of a negative impact).

Just as the plandemic has had the effect of taxing us for the air we breathe, Hoot-Smawley was a similar attempt to tax the rain that falls. In south FL rainfall levels have now crossed into the luxury tax threshold, so if you don't have mangrove swamp in your backyard now is a good time to plant one which will qualify you for the exemption.

The Smoot-Hawley Tariff is passé (pardon my French). The Weems Botts Museum in Dumfries, VA is the only thing that excites me anymore.

Smoot Hawley Hoover wbagnfarb.

...still remember the exit sign on I-95 that read "DUMFRIES & MANASSAS"

I always liked Smoot. Never cared for Hawley.

I Hawley give a Smoot anymore.

Smoot the spousal unit. What do you know about the Jones Act? I know it cost the trying to ruin a vacation spousal unit $600.00 per person to disembark a foreign flagged ship in Ketchikan rather than Vancouver BC. Cruise ships are not ferry boats from one US port to another said the Homeland Security agent with a Hawley look on his face and $1200.00 in his hand.

The Smoot-Hawley Tariff is to economics what The Heine-Borel Covering Theorem is to mathematics. It's last known use was by Al Gore (Inventor of the Internet and Outernet, Multicolored Climate Slide Shows, The Chocolate Eclair Diet) to deflect the criticism from Ross Perot that you can't find a decent broom factory in the USA. Not to go off topic but if the cicadas emerge from their 17 year nap and mate with that stinking virus should we all get on a rocket ship to Mars?

Smoot-Hawley brings to mind this guy. Who was once this guy.

I also made this observation the other day.

Deep Thoughts.

Eddie Haskell died. Only Joe Biden was rougher on the Beaver.

Smoot Hawley? Anyone? Anyone?

"The company stampeded across the hall and out a side passage with the narcs at their heels. As they rushed out, Goodgulf slammed shut the door in the narcs' faces and hastily put a spell on it.

"Hawley Smoot," he said, striking the door with his wand, and with a smoky "foof" the door disappeared, leaving the Wizard face-to-face with the puzzled narcs. Goodgulf quickly produced a lengthy confession, signed it, and thrusting it into the chieftain's hands, raced away up the passage to where the rest of the company stood at the far end of a narrow rope bridge which spanned a sharp chasm."

--Bored of the Rings by the Harvard Lampoon

Thou shall not Smoot thy neighbor! Thou shall not Hawley thy neighbors goods!

My favorite exit sign is for Bucksnort, TN.

Little known fact......
Smoot-Hawley were one and the same person.
By day mild mannered Hawley spent hours quietly legislating, oblivious to the world outside of Washington D.C.
Come nightfall he would turn into Smoot, terror of the darkend halls of the capitol, pouncing on unsuspecting interns and "filibustering" them. This went on for years.
That was the motivation for the infamous Smoot-Hawley act. This act made it legal for senators to filibuster unsuspecting interns thus saving Smoot from public shame.
Apparenlty this loophole is still in effect.

if you watch Ralph's "Anyone, Anyone" offering, don't miss the clip that follows, entitled "Meet Your Second Wife"


Senator Smoot (Republican, Ut.)
Is planning a ban on smut.
Oh rooti-ti-toot for Smoot of Ut.
And his reverend occiput.
Smite, Smoot, smite for Ut.,
Grit your molars and do your dut.,
Gird up your l__ns,
Smite h_p and th_gh,
We'll all be Kansas
By and by.

Smite, Smoot, for the Watch and Ward,
For Hiram Johnson and Henry Ford,
For Bishop Cannon and John D., Junior,
For ex-Gov. Pinchot of Pennsylvunia,
For John S. Sumner and Elder Hays
And possibly Edward L. Bernays,
For Orville Poland and Ella Boole,
For Mother Machree and the Shelton pool.
When smut's to be smitten
Smoot will smite
For G-d, for country,
And Fahrenheit.

Senator Smoot is an institute
Not to be bribed with pelf;
He guards our homes from erotic tomes
By reading them all himself.
Smite, Smoot, smite for Ut.,
They're smuggling smut from Balt. to Butte!
Strongest and sternest
Of your s_x
Scatter the scoundrels
From Can. to Mex!

Smite, Smoot, for Smedley Butler,
For any good man by the name of Cutler,
Smite for the W.C.T.U,
For Rockne's team and for Leader's crew,
For Florence Coolidge and Admiral Byrd,
For Billy Sunday and John D., Third,
For Grantland Rice and for Albie Booth,
For the Woman's Auxiliary of Duluth,
Smite, Smoot,
Be rugged and rough,
Smut if smitten
Is front-page stuff.

--Ogden Nash (1931)

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