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May 20, 2020


A pizza lover discovered that the local pizzeria she thought she'd ordered from was actually Chuck E. Cheese

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, who says "She smelled a rat.")


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Having a premium pizza company operating out of a Chuck E. Cheese's would be akin to having a taxidermy business operating out of a veterinary hospital.

And, of course, the pizza travesty would be a hanging offense in Texas.

Al least with the taxidermy, you'd be stuffed

Chuck E. Cheese has stopped using rats due to the high demand for rat milk. They have found a 'backdoor' supplier of Meerkats (BTW feed on rats) as an substitute.

The fact that a ball pit was also delivered with the pizza should have tipped them off.

The fact that instructions for an in-home brawl were included should have tipped them off.

They will fight tooth and nail to bring you dinner.

In fact, they’ll even fight mice and clowns, or anything else handy.

What's this world coming to? Next thing you know, they'll be selling Oldsmobiles with Chevy engin...oh....

Chuck E Cheese is Jack's brother.

The fact that it was overpriced, terrible, and smelled like unwashed children should have tipped her off.

But did she get any game tokens?

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