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May 28, 2020


French restaurant tests clear plastic domes that hang over each individual diner

(Thanks to Maryann)


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Don't they already have those at Led Robster, 'cuz if they don't they should, (I find robster bids so humiliating).

This looks like the Cone of Silence from Get Smart. For a dinner date, it works about as well, too.


I love the cone of silence!!

WOW! Not only a nice quiet meal under a cone of silence, but you also won't be bothered with cleaning up after food fights at family holiday meals.

Can you buy these online?

If you ask your dining partner a direct question and rather than give a straight answer, they just babble, would it be considered a waffle cone?

yes, but what if you fart?

"Get Smart" predicted so many technological innovations. Mel Brooks is a genius!

Party of two? Very good; will you be dining indoors under our domes or does your party prefer to dine Al Fresco while wearing our very popular pool noodle hats?

I expect a revival of placing domes over plates between kitchen and table to prevent contamination. Restaurant supply warehouses may already be gearing up. That would work better than domes over people.

How's this working out for my fellow claustrophobics? I'd hate to get a little pepper up my nose and then sneeze in one of those things.

Who would have ever thought the Cone of Silence would turn into a French art project? Which is what this really is.

Cindy, if that happened to me, they'd have to close the place for a couple of weeks. I sneeze rather violently, and it would take that long to find all the pieces of the shattered cone and clean them up.

Years from now, we'll look back on this and laugh. ( even more than we're laughing now ).

"To cone or not to cone, that is the question
whether 'tis nobler in the mind
to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous rules
or to suffer the indignity of dining in a cone
is it worse than staying home and dining alone
for to bear the whips and masks of the times
when in restaurants we used to stand in line
thus the CDC doth make cowards of us all"

..nothing Ham "lette" about you, kind sir.

You need the shoe phone to communicate.

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