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May 03, 2020


What, in your opinion, is the best comedy movie ever made? This blog is a huge fan of This Is Spinal Tap, Animal House, Airplane!, The Big Lebowski, Blazing Saddles, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and many others that this blog cannot think of at the moment because this blog is aged and mentally deficient. Feel free to suggest others, or condemn this blog's taste in strong terms. Or post on some other topic. Or don't post at all. We don't care. WE ARE NOT YOUR MOTHER. We are your biological father. It's time you knew. 


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I always suspected I was a test tube baby since my birthmark read, "Pyrex".

I have always been a fan of Leslie Nielsen in the 'Naked Gun' movies...


First! Woo Hoo! Al the movies you listed are great. Also great are Best In Show, everything by Mel Brooks, Caddyshack, A Fish Called Wanda, and of course, Big Trouble.

Not first! :-(

Some Like It Hot. No contest.

All good choices, Dave.

Add ANNIE HALL and I'm set.

I've never seen I AM NOT YOUR MOTHER, however.


As Dave mentioned...


"Airplane" hands down. If you pick any other movie, surely you can't be serious...

O.J. delivers a killer performance...


The In-Laws should be on your list. The original one, not the crappy remake.

A scene from 'Airplane'...


Weird Science

A couple more clips from 'Airplane' and I'm jumping out...


Young Frankenstein, duh.

well I am a throw back, I love classic B&W movies, my favorite comedy of all time is His Girl Friday with Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell...yes, yes, yes I am old and nerdy...cranky these days too. time to watch it again...

if there must be color, I also love Heaven can wait with Warren Beatty and Julie Christie...James Mason, Jack Warden, Charles Grodin, Dyan Cannon, Buck Henry, what a cast. Yeah, I'm gonna watch that one again too

Kelly's Heroes.

That is all.

My favorite comedy movie, hands down -

The Producers (the 1967 version with Zero Mostel, Gene Wilder, Kenneth Mars and Dick Shawn.)

Also, Something Happened on the Way to the Forum, Young Frankenstein, Animal House, The Blues Brothers, Broadway Danny Rose, Ghostbusters, Trading Places, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, There's Something About Mary, Office Space

Also, Also, The Odd Couple (Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthou), Operation Petticoat (Cary Grant and Tony Curtis), Walk Don't Run (Cary Grant's last movie)

Blues Brothers

Tonight on AXS TV, Sammy Hagar interviews Uncle Ted. Set your Reel to Reel's.

You young whippersnappers! Haven't you seen Chaplin's "The Gold Rush", or Keaton's "The General"?

The Marx Brothers' Duck Soup
Harold Lloyd's "Speedy"
Woody Allen's "Play It Again Sam"
Animal House
Ghost Busters
The Tall Blond Man With One Black Shoe

My wife votes for "A Fish Called Wanda"; Laurel and Hardy's "The Music Box" (a short)

This would be a good list to set aside when someone asks "what's an old funny movie I can watch?" These are very good choices.

Carefree, 1938 is right up there with Young Frankenstein. Catch it of you can.

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World is great! 1963. You have nothing else to do, so please watch it! And Spaceballs!!

One more - M*A*S*H (the 1970 film)

Best by revenue and not subjective opinions (and then there's inflated dollars to factor)

All Time Worldwide Box Office for Comedy Movies


Many great choices listed, I will also add Blazing Saddles, Raising Arizona, The Miracle of Morgan's Creek (funniest almost Christmas movie), Harvey, It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (seems like there should be more Mads in there), Young Frankenstein (that's Fronkensteen), After Hours (funniest Scorsese movie ever), Arsenic and Old Lace, The Jerk, Dr. Strangelove, The General (Buster Keaton), The Man Who Came to Dinner, and No Time for Sergeants.

The best? Ha, I would rather name my favorites child.

Also - M*A*S*H (The 1970 movie)

Best in Show always makes me laugh out loud.

Most Laurel & Hardy, here's a favorite scene of mine:


Signal 30, featuring the Ohio State Highway Patrol. Saw it in Driver’s Ed in 1978, almost 20 years after its debut. A true classic, but probably not available on Netflix or withAmazon Prime, but worth seeking out.

All good flicks. Also add "The Dinner" to the list. The french version, not the crappy remake.

I almost forgot:


This is a comedy???


Unfortunately, Groundhog Day is no longer a comedy...

The Real Barry -

Keaton and Chaplin indeed. Virtually anything they did, but "The General" (#18 on the AFI Best List) and "City Lights" (#11) are probably the best.

Roger Ebert: " ... in 1972 I was at the Venice Film Festival when it showed literally every Chaplin film it could find, with Charlie in person. That climaxed with a breathtaking outdoor screening of 'City Lights' in the Piazza San Marco, jammed with a huge audience, and after the film ended (not without some tears), the great square fell dark and a single spotlight picked out a balcony high above, onto which stepped a small, happy man." (at age 83)

And that was over 40 years after it was made. These are not just great "silent" movies, they are great movies, period.

All W C Fields movies. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. After the Fox. Bringing up Baby. The Death of Stalin. Tom Jones. The Loved One. Cat Ballou. Major League.

Probably outside the limits of this discussion, but "Eddie Murphy: Delirious" (1983, 8.2 at IMDB) is a tour de force of his standup chops. I was at a low place in my career and needed some escape. I laughed so hard my sides hurt.

I always loved the "Road to..." movies for classic comedy. For this generation I can't think of anything funnier than "Taladaga Nights"

Local Hero was one of my father’s favorites.

Big Trouble in Little China is a blast.

Hudson Hawk is, imho, a vastly underrated caper movie. And very funny.

The boxing scene in "City Lights" and the restaurant scene in "Modern Times" (both Chaplin) kill me every time. The hotel room scene in Keaton's "Spite Marriage" also.
More relatively recently (48 years ago) was "What's Up Doc," with the best car chase ever.

For good science fiction with a moral, it's The day the Earth Stood Still.
For great entertainment, anything by Mel Brooks, the Coen Brothers or Monty Python.
The bad movies such as Plan 9 From Outer Space have never been funnier until they were redone on MST3K.

The Squirrel Whisperer mentioned Cat Ballou. My dad and I had parts as extras when they filmed that one at Buckskin Joe in Colorado. We both received an 8x10 autographed photo of Lee Marvin on that drunk horse. Lee was very friendly with everyone and must have signed hundreds of autographs. I don't remember Jane Fonda signing one.
This lockdown is bringing back a torrent of memories...

oh yeah, and Napoleon Dynamite

After twenty five years in L.A. and flirting with the movie biz, Blake Edwards SOB has to be in the top ten, but the most hilarious stuff is kinda inside jokes. If you ever wanted to see the Man From Uncle in a tutu, or Mary Poppins topless, this is for you. JR from "Dallas", Angel from "Rockford Files", Hot Lips from "MASH", William Holden, Robert Preston, Shelly Winters, Richard Mulligan and more.

Naked Gun 2 1/2 "What's he doing in Detroit"

random others going thru our DVDs:
The Gods Must Be Crazy, Arsenic and Old Lace (1944), O Brother, Where Art Thou, Tootsie, Ruthless People, It Happened One Night, The Full Monty, Flushed Away, The Lego Movie, Ball of Fire, The 1st 3 Wallace and Grommit shorts...

Just one best? Sorry, no can do. Besides a lot of the aforementioned ones, I love:
Top Secret!
Cold Turkey
Safety Last
Girl Shy
The Pirate
(and) The Pirates of Penzance
Are You With It?
Steamboat Bill, Jr.
(and) Sherlock, Jr.
The Man With Two Brains
Christmas Vacation
Dragons Forever
The Kentucky Fried Movie
The Missionary
Monkey Business
Horse Feathers
American Pie: The Wedding
The Great Muppet Caper
Million Dollar Legs (the W.C. Fields one)
City Hunter (the Jackie Chan one)
Bedazzled (the Cook & Moore one)
The Rutles
Back to the Future
Stalag Luft
The Birdcage
Champagne for Caesar
Cruise of the Gods
Dumb & Dumber
Pink Flamingos
Holy Flying Circus
The Comedy of Terrors
History of the World, Part One
200 Cartas
The Purple Rose of Cairo
Hot Fuzz
Tropic Thunder
Take the Money and Run (surely the source of my autographed picture of Mr. Blog wearing a hat that reads "Top Gub")

...and probably some others I'm not even remembering right now. Ooh, I like this theme.

A Fish Called Wanda
There’s Something About Mary
The In-Laws (Original Version)
Young Frankenstien

There are some good ones listed on this blog but I also always like the Grumpy Old Men movies. They made a couple of them. Funny to me

Another one outside the lines is "Noises Off" (1992, 7.6 at IMDB). This is best known as the stage play by Michael Frayn, but IMHO director Bogdanovich and his stellar cast (Carol Burnett, Michael Caine, Denholm Elliot, Julie Hagerty, Marilu Henner, Mark-Linn Baker, Christopher Reeve, John Ritter, Nicolette Sheridan) really pull it off on screen.

Its a two act slapstick play within a play, set in a two story British country house (mansion). The first act takes place in front of the stage set with a living room and stairs to an upstairs hallway with a lot of doors. The second act takes place BEHIND the same stage set, i.e with temporary ladders, etc., for the actors to get to the various spots behind the doors. In the performance at Houston's Alley Theater years ago, the crew came out at intermission and TURNED the entire large set around 180 degrees. They got a standing ovation, the only time ever for a set some staff folks told me.

We also saw it at a regional theater where one character (John Ritter in the movie) takes a very believable fall down the stairs. I asked the local actor if he was OK, he said "Eight more times".

(Play director alone in the seats watching the disastrous rehearsal):

Lloyd (Michael Caine): Like the band playing on as the Titanic sank.

I never got into Blazing Saddles or Young Frankenstein. My favorite Mel Brooks film is Silent Movie starring him, Dom DeLuise, Marty Feldman, Sid Caesar, and Bernadette Peters.

Some other favorites off the top of my head: Airplane!, Meatballs, It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, Smokey and the Bandit, Noises Off!, and Planes, Trains and Automobiles (a laugher right up to the poignant and tear-jerker ending).

Not related to moves and it's from a couple weeks ago, but since we're talking comedy: R.I.P. Tom Lester, previously the last remaining main cast member of Green Acres (he played Eb Dawson, the farmhand). The story is that he beat out several hundred other actors for the role because he was a real-life farmer and actually knew how to milk a cow, which the producers thought might come in handy.

There is a whole list of 30 comedies that could not be done or released in todays PC censorship attitudes:

For sheer good TV, the entire M.A.S.H. Series.

@Steve K: Noises Off has three acts. I've seen the play several times and the curtain (when there was one) was never closed when the set was turned around for act two and then turned back again for act three. I wouldn't be surprised if Michael Frayn specified that in his script.

The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming!

wanderer3575 -

Yes, that's correct, three acts, the last act very short. I recall the local Alley Theater production did not turn the huge set around for that final act. Just a short coda in front of a closed curtain, as I recall.

A Funny Thing Happened (not something happened) On the Way to the Forum ,1966, (with Zero Mostel, Phil Silvers, Buster Keaton, Jack Gilford and a very young Michael Crawford)

Stardust Memories.

Most of the above, plus:

- Bambi Meets Godzilla
- Harold and Maude (I'll always kinda regret that my first car wasn't a hearse.)
- King of Hearts (heartfelt comedy)

Shakes the Clown
A Mighty Wind

Oh, and if rom-coms count:

- Delancey Place

Bringing Up Baby and His Girl Friday

Fail Safe.

Compared to current events, it's a comedy.


My spell check changed that to Tam Poop. I don’t remember that one.

Tampopo is a ramen Western, and absolutely worth looking for.

Also Young Frankenstein and Duck Soup.

The Real Barry I'm also a Charlie Chaplin fan.
Favorite Movies: The Jerk and Father Of The Bride with Steve Martin. High Anxiety with Mel Brooks. Also the first Major League movie.

A couple of tunes from comedic movies...



Animal House for its brilliant casting and of course Belushi
The Mask don't forget the MASK please.

Reno 911: Miami

The movie trailer:


Reno 911!: Miami

Blowing up a whale...


Add the Northern Exposure TV series to this list. It is well worth watching.

Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

special mention: Galaxy Quest

Porky's. Only time I've ever actually wet myself laughing in the theater. Even on an ill-advised first date.

One last Naked Gun clip...


Clio: I must admit, Alan Rickman was brilliant in his Galaxy Quest role, as was the entire spoof of the Star Trek franchise and its fan base.

We got a Bleeder!

Kind Hearts and Coronets. Best punchline ever.

Blazing Saddles, the only #1.

Borat *is* funny.

Austin Powers...


I'm a bit surprised that not a single Pink Panther movie was mentioned anywhere in here, much less "Being There".

Is there no love for Peter Sellers or Blake Edwards?

What about "What Did You Do During The War, Daddy?" That's my favorite.

Also, as a society, are we having difficulty with following even the simplest of directions?

Dave asked for your favorite movie...not favorite all-encompassing "I want to appear to be intelligent but I won't use my real name!" vague checklist.

Sigh. Oh well. Grumble.

Cheesed Moose: Does your dog bite?

Thy Name Be Mildly Cheesed Moose,

It's not just trouble following directions, it's trouble deciding.

I can't decide between "Hail the Conquering Hero", "A Shot in the Dark", "The Great Race", or several movies already mentioned.

I prefer to have too many movies listed than too few: more opportunities to discover "new" classics.

@Peter M: I also vote for The Music Box by Laurel & Hardy.

"The End"

Crimes of the Heart
Starting Over
Semi Tough

One more
The Jerk

" My Man Godfrey " is a funny gem from the 1930's. The Blog's picks are all top notch.

What about Bob?
The trouble with Harry.
Small Time Crooks
Rosalie goes Shopping (with the classic observation: If you borrow 100,000 and can't pay it back, that's your problem. But, if you borrow a million and can't pay it back, then it's the bank's problem.)

I also enjoy "I was a Male War Bride" with Cary Grant playing the "Bride."

"Animal House" is the only movie I ever injured myself laughing at.

The moment was when the guy walked in and fired up the chain saw.

So many movies so many laughs:
Porky's - 1 and 2
The Gods Must be Crazy 1 and 2
Animal House
History of the World Part 1 - Mel Brooks genius!
Blazing Saddles
Young Frankenstein
There's Something about Mary
Christmas Vacation

THE funniest movie? Impossible. Physical comedy (Safety Last or The General). Wit (Cluny Brown or My Man Godfrey) Dark (The Wrong Box or Kind Hearts and Coronets)
If I HAD to pick just one, Some Like It Hot.


My Cousin Vinny

1) Airplane 2) Mouse Hunt

Whoops. Tied for 3rd: The Jerk, What About Bob?, and the second Pink Panther movie, or whichever one it is where Peter Sellers is trying to get a "rheume" at the hotel, and finally looks it up in his little pocket dictionary. "A zimmer!" "Oh, a ROOM." Also, Fargo.


Overall number of laughs, probably "Airplane!" because there had been nothing quite like it up until that point.

I do like "Office Space" and "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" quite a bit too.

That scene from "Father of the Bride" where Steve Martin sees his daughter as a little girl always gets me though.

Blazing Saddles. But in today's politically correct world you can even mention that one without being called a racist. Someday we will return to a sane world and be able to laugh again without offending some SJW.

Galaxy Quest
The Gods Must Be Crazy 1 and 2
The Princess Bride
Housesitter (Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn)
Foul Play (Goldie Hawn)
Undercover Blues (Kathleen Turner, Dennis Quaid)
Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World, followed by Who's Minding the Mint?, from 1967.

Dead men don't wear plaid

The night I saw Liar Liar, there were a lot of laughs from the next screen over, which was showing Anaconda.

I would like to offer a laurel, and hearty handshake, to all those who suggested Blazing Saddles which may have been the first movie I ever saw ...when I didn't fall asleep at the drivein like my parents thought I would.

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