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May 31, 2020


Tonight let's focus on positive, happy things. Here's one: As of tonight, nobody we know has been attacked by murder hornets. Feel free to add to the list. 


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Right now, even as we speak, something bad is brewing down in Central America.


Murder hornets would have been useful back in Henry VIII's day. Woulda saved some money on headsman.

In MA the redemption centers re-open June 5th, so to those seeking redemption for all our thirst-quenching activities these past few months have only to wait until friday, when, apparently, all will be forgiven.

None of our toilets are mounted on the ceiling, although if we going like 17.000 mph, it probably wouldn't matter that much, 'cuz the matter would be pretty much everywhere.

Despite the local libraries being shuttered, the Libby app allows L.A. County library cardholders to borrow both ebooks and audiobooks for two weeks. This is a sanity-saving blessing. Thank you, L.A. County Libraries!

Here in Jersey, Comrade Murphy finally deigned to allow us to attend Mass at our church...in the parking lot...watching on livestream in our cars. If you parked next to another car, even with your windows up, you had to wear a mask.

What’s next? “Your papers please?”

Happy news for Alaskan visitors. You no longer have to quarantine for 14 days in an igloo upon arrival. Just bring proof you are not carrying COVID-19. Other plagues are still welcome. 22 hours of daylight, bring your sunglasses.

Heat index here in this part of Florida will only be 91. Not like the 97 today

Don't Worry.

Be Happy.

klezmerphan - this is news? I've been borrowing from the Brooklyn Public Library for months, starting the entire time we were in Florida. Just downloaded the new Julia Spencer-Fleming book.

Other positive, happy thoughts? One of our favorite Italian restaurants finally reopened for delivery and takeout and we were able to get yummy Italian food delivered, to go with our orders from Greek, Indian, Turkish, and Mexican restaurants. Now we only need the Chinese place to open.

In our area, there hasn’t been an elephant stampede in over a month!

Jeez, going Chinese, is it Xmas already?

Here in Roswell, New Mexico, taco Tuesdays will return to the grocery deli. Also, no one here has been struck by lightning, bitten by a rattler or attacked by a chupacabra for weeks. Yep, things are looking up!

Well-- there is a lot of banging and strange lights flashing at night from the space alien's compound, but maybe they are just adding on a deck.

My cat Gert always has a funny look on her face and reminds me of Grumpy Cat. She is so funny.

Congratulations to the astronauts who left Earth on SpaceX. Good choice.

It didn't rain here today. YAY!!!!

The weather was nice, no rain, and I finally got the "back 40" mowed today. The beer supply was sufficient.

Yes, the SpaceX launch was cool. How much do the tickets cost? I'd like to buy some for certain people that I know. One way tickets will suffice.

Positive/happy thing: Spring is here with the joy of warmer weather, flowers in bloom, and the hardship of winter behind us. Please thank whatever God you do or don’t worship.

I've been getting really good gas mileage since the lockdown started.

On the other hand, I don't know if I still remember how to drive.

@Jeff Meyerson - It's not new, but since I returned the last actual book on CD I had (borrowed in March, returned yesterday), I had to start using Libby. Now I'm a convert for good. This app is awesome!

I have 3 books out on interlibrary loan. Since March.
My Amazon bill for my research project is blown

Say what you want about our current politicians. But none of them every proposed to spend tax money on a voyage to the centre of The Earth to find The Mole People.


@the Squirrel Whisperer--You may have missed the MST3K warning movie treatment of The Attack of The Mole People:

I was playing my guitar this afternoon feeling pretty good about things, positive things. Every time I stopped playing I heard this back and forth commotion going on next door. It was mostly scrambled chatter, loud at times and sounded like someone was flying a model plane around the roof. So, walked out front and looked over and saw this. I'm pretty sure they were home at the time.

My libraries in my county now allow us to pre-reserve books, and patrons can pick them up curbside starting Tuesday. We can finally read again!

I'm thankful for MST3K and the Mole People. I just watched that a week or so ago. Alfred is a bad guy in it.

Yes, it is nice to see the warmer temps take hold, although Sunday and Monday a bit cooler than averages, but as the Russians like to brag, "Sure, we have 9 months of winter, but the rest? Ees SUMMER, SUMMER, SUMMER!"

...and since our "adentures in stay-cationing" maybe be winding down at some point, I'd like to suggest that the last week before we're given the all-clear, (of nightly open threads) be a series of essay questions in the spirit of what we've all just experienced together while alone. As a possible example: "Please discuss the ramifications of the Supreme Court ruling in 'Pink vs. the Bored of Education' in the post-quarantine fiscal environment".

Well darned if it doesn't look like I spoke a bit too soon, so, I wreck'n now as good a time as any to break-out them-there fiddles 'cuz it looks like Rome might be on fire.

>ring< ... >ring< ...

" Hello "

" Hi ! This is Ann with the warranty department. Our records show that... "


Cleaning out the pantry during the COVID-19 lock down with exciting new culinary treats. Tonight it's Ramen noodles and canned anchovies.

Yesterday I celebrated 34 years of marriage to Mr. MOTW.

Wearing a mask in public means I don't have to trim my nose hairs.

wow, congratulations MOTW, wonderful! Mrs. Man Tom and I are over 36 years.

How about a piglet practicing her twerking?



We're just six days shy of our 59th wedding anniversary. And we waited until we graduated from university before jumping in. Had we known that coronovirus was coming, we might have reconsidered but it's too late now.

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