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May 27, 2020



TidalWave Productions has also struck a deal to pen a fictional series starring Stormy Daniels.

This fall, TidalWave will develop a fiction comic book series with Daniels called “Stormy Daniels: Space Force.” Captain Stormy Daniels commands the Helix, a starship serving the United Republic of Earth and its leader, “very stable genius” OrDon. Daniels and her crew – capitalists at heart – are for hire. It is Barbarella-meets-Star Trek-meets-Stripperalla in a racy comedy, action and adventure series starring Daniels.

Created by Stormy Daniels and Darren G. Davis featuring art by Pablo Martinena. The comic book series is written by Michael Frizell and ‘Amazing Race’ alumni, Andrew Shayde. Special covers by famed comic artist Bill Walko and Agung Prabowo.

“I have joined forces with to create this comic and TidalWave has been so generous with allowing my input”, said Daniels “ I could not be happier with the outcome. Bonus is I get to add badass comic book character to my resume.”

“We are excited to be teaming up for this far out adventure with Stormy”, said TidalWave publisher Darren G. Davis. “We have not just created a fun comic book but a brand that will include action figures and an animated series”.


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We need to take a moment here to appreciate just how much this quarantine has had the effect of raising all our artistic standards. Oh, wait, never mind, that moment has passed.

First episode: Stormy versus Wonder Woman and of course mud wrestling would be involved. A sure sell-out.

I'm assuming "this far out adventure with Stormy" will be substantially different from Trump's "adventure" with her.

This makes Rocky Jones, Space Ranger look like an intellectual masterpiece of the genre.

Tattlestar Galactica

PSST HEY Buddy you want ta buy a sticky comic ibook?

These days, real is parody.

In the first issue Captain Stormy and The Space Force are sent on a mission to put down an uprising on the planet Dickus.
Later, the captain and crew will take shore leave on Wrigley's Pleasure Planet. While staying in a luxurious resort on Desire Island, to broaden their cultural understanding, they all attend a performance by The Dancing Dildos of Orion.

---Authors note: There may or may not be an issue number two.



File this under who needs science-fiction when what now passes for reality will do just fine. Today 5/27/20 at 4:33PM EDT SPACEX is scheduled to launch men into space from Cape Canaveral. Well let's see, rockets, men in space suits, Florida, all during Happy Hour, what could possibly go wrong? Godspeed, John Glenn!

It's usually Daniels herself who is "so generous with allowing ... input"

I'm looking forward to her "action figure"...

Will the action figure have more than two positions ?

@vee--My unreliable informant on entertainment tells me this is a proposed synopsis for issue two (assuming issue one pays some bills)

The Dancing Dildos of Orion were encased with bangupium, a powerful explosive. Captain Stormy, being behind a reinforced pillar with Lt. Biggis, her second in command, both escape the devastating explosion with minor injuries.
OrDon, leader of pretty much everything has determined the terrorist attack came from Andromeda, home planet of a strain of intelligent and altogether nasty viruses. OrDon orders Captain Stormy to take the Helix to Andromida and unmask their dirty dealings that caused the rift with Orion.
After consuming a bottle of Romulan ale to get the ringing out of her ears, the ship has just gotten underway when the Helix encounters a quantum shift and Captain Stormy comes out as a muscular tattoed man.
Lt. Biggus, noticing the Captains sex change says" Well this is a revolting development."

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