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May 27, 2020


India detains pigeon on suspicion of spying for Pakistan

(Thanks to Barry Nester and Ralph)


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Somebody needs to call Merriam-Webster, we've got a whole new definition for stool-pigeon, (or maybe not).

If only it could produce a Florida driver's license.

I'm still trying to decipher the secret message a pigeon left on my windshield last week.

Also, key quote:
a coded ring tagged to the captured pigeon’s body is a cause for concern as migratory birds don’t have such rings.

Those online ornithology classes are really paying off!

I've suspected them for years. They like to hang around in the park and report on the activities of old people.

"Migrating Pigeons" need we say more?

"General, we must change our battle plans. We have information that they have caged our bird and it's singing."

The pigeon was acting on orders from the squirrels.

Also, the French have surrendered.

How many remember the many different characters generated by Red Skelton? Two of my favorites were Gertrude and Heathcliff, if I remember the names correctly. Anyway, G&H were seagulls, (but what is a seagull if not a seaside pigeon) so RS would put his hands under each corresponding armpit and flap his elbows as if they were wings while his tale unfolded, speaking in one of his myriad of voices, (which if you thing about all seagulls/pigeons do sound the same). One of my favorites of these bits went something like this: G: (While flying alongside H) "I say Heathcliff there's sure a lot of convertibles in the parking lots today. I really like those cute little, bright red, European models! Have you seen any yet?" H: "Why yes I have, in fact I spotted one just yesterday!"

"has a ring with alphabets and numbers". Entire alphabets? How many? How big is this ring? How big is the pigeon it's on? Makes it sound like it's the size of a U-2, so maybe they're on to something here.

Talking is not the issue with pigeons.

Actually, speaking of seagulls, I was told by a guy to soak bread in vodka and then feed it to the sea birds.

He believed in leaving no tern unstoned.

On Miami Beach, the sea birds on the east side are seagulls.

Are the sea birds on the west side bay gulls?

Someone in India's watched Top Secret too many times.

...Wait, what am I saying? There's no such thing as watching Top Secret too many times.

..and with smear of cream cheese? They can fly on my plate anytime.

"dang it, wrong house again!!"

I thought "avian spies" was an Iranian paranoia?

cfjk - thank you, that does conjure up pleasant memories.

YT has a short vid of RS as G&H in Vegas, so if you like to roll the dice...

That pigeon's goose is cooked.

Too bad it's not a canary. Then it would sing for sure.

What is it with these birds nowadays? I just saw a headline: Turkey downs two Syrian fighter jets.

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