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May 23, 2020


Sexy 'human cyborg' plans give mankind an upgrade as she shows off fibre optic glowing boobs

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Soon to open a new restaurant chain called " Headlamps ".

Resistance is most definitely futile.

Enjoy the glowing future of transhumanism.

If she could program those hooter lights to repel bugs, she would be really popular up here.

Are they trying to redirect me from looking a her eyes?

Elon Musk will soon design a hood ornament for his next EV to honor this moment. ...so a young man trying to find transport to Pittsburg nervously approaches the stunningly gorgeous (& need I say voluptuous) young woman at the ticket office, "Yes, may I help you?" she purrs breathlessly. The young man fumbles to regain his ability to speak, finally managing to blurt out, "May I PLEASE have a Picket to tittsburg!" he dyslexically implores. ...(RIMSHOT!) ...aah, if only to be in Vaudville once again.

So, if someone has a seizure due to flashing lights, it proves they weren't looking at her eyes. Devious.

Just what is a “transhumanist “?

It's like a tiny pianist, so someone who plays the transhumiano.

I'll be impressed when she can make them change colors and have the pattern dance like the Northern Lights.

When her batteries eventually die, will there be a line to jump-start her?

Also, isn't flashing illegal?

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