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May 02, 2020


The theme tonight is: comments. Feel free to put them in the comments section.


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OK, I got nothing. Happy Saturday, people.

My wife will spend all of today and tomorrow with online Continuing Education courses. So, don't bother her. And me...thanks for asking.


Today is Saturday? Thanks

If you have not heard this...well you should listen.

So, how's the world feelin' you ask? Expressed.

Comments?! What will he think of next?

I went to the office Thursday to work. Coming home, I was caught in a traffic jam due to roadwork. I actually welcomed it as a sign of normalcy.

I was going to comment on some comments made by regular commenters when my wife told me if I got off the computer I could have some Oreos and a glass of milk...
I'm gone.

Off to watch the sun set into the Gulf of Mexico at Bonita Beach...

1. Phone with Amazon
2. Sonos Move speaker
3. Chilled V8 juice
4. Popcorn
5. Beach chair
6. Feed the cat

Have a great evening!

Planted some nice flowers in planters. Beautiful weekend in Michigan. I enjoyed working outside today. What I am concerned about is the news and viewing all these states that have opened up their state and swarmed to the beaches, malls no social distancing at all and they act like they must of been caged animals just waiting to be free. I worry that they may all get sick at some point in which case do not come to Michigan. I just can't see people getting all together to party like there is no virus. There is no vaccine yet. Do they not have brains at all?

Local fear mongers are expecting an exponential spike in Covid-19 cases in our area within a few weeks. Most of us are lerning to go about our business as usual once again. I'm working on chapter 10 of my new book, "More of what you didn't read in my first book."

Since my city is in lock down and we are only allowed out for essential reasons, I had a legal reasons to walk three and a half miles to pickup a prescription.
It was a perfect spring day, no rain and the temperature was in the low 60's.
That's all I got.

Call me crazy, but I just spent 10 minutes putting together what I'm going to wear in the living room tomorrow.

Gwyneth Paltrow just released a scented candle that smells like Joe Biden's fingers.

I stimulated the economy by buying a new recliner which was delivered today. I've spent most of the day trying it out so I've got nothing. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Emily Litella:

What is all this fuss I hear about COMETS?
They are just nice looking shiny objects buzzing around space! There is no point in making a big deal about them!

Watched a beautiful Gulf Coast sunset. I attracted a crowd with my classic rock playlist and speaker but people were at least 6 feet away. The output of my new Sonos Move is remarkable, so you can hear it for a fair distance. After the sun went down, people remarked that they'd been cooped up for so long and it was a pleasure to get out, watch the sunset and listen to good music. A picture perfect evening at the beach. No hoards like I've seen on t.v. in Southern Cal. Parking lots were at capacity but plenty of room to spread out. When I smell the fragrance of perfume from women walking by, I start wondering if covid can travel with the ocean breezes likewise.

Do you ever see or smell something and get transported back to a memory?
I had that happen today about a happy memory. If you care to read about it, proceed. Otherwise, happy Saturday.

I had grandparents in CA and FL. I saw my CA grandparents more often. When I was about 12, they took me on a week long vacation. Just me. (They would also do this with my sister. We felt very special.)

We went to a park in La Jolla. The tide had gone out and and I remember I loved looking at all the colorful life in the tide pools. They let me just wander and have unscheduled fun. We stayed at a place that was called Vacation Island, I think. The bungalow we stayed in had an orange tree right by the door and it was heavily laden with beautiful ripe oranges. Nana picked one and we discovered it was very sweet. We picked all that were in reach. I was a tomboy, so I shinnied up the tree, but carefully - this thing had ferocious thorns! I wore tube socks in vain to protect my arms as I reached for the fruit. I would toss them down to Nana, who put them inside. She and my grandfather were sitting in chairs watching the sun set.
Wouldn't you know it, a security guard or police officer pulled up and began to chat with the sweet old couple. By this time, I had gotten up to the roof and I crouched down to keep from being seen. Once the sun went down, it got quite cold, but the officer seemed to enjoy my grandparents' conversation. He finally bid them goodnight and I was able to climb down. I think we hauled over 50 oranges.

Nana gave us fresh orange juice the next morning. We all laughed about our clandestine harvest. That's my happy memory.

I feel strongly both ways.

Thanks for sharing MOTW.

When personal computers became affordable, I decided to try programming beyond my college Fortran. One thing I learned was to put comments in the code to explain what it was for. I recall some great comments by real programmers, as in the C Language or Assembly or something as inscrutable. One memorable comment was "Serious magic starts here. Don't even try to understand this."

Programmers program and users use.

My dad was a real life war hero. He served in the Marines First Division on the ground in Korea in combat for one year. He was an incredible influence in my life. I admired him and wanted to be just like him. I was sitting here having a deja vu moment of my time spent in Nam during the early 1960's. I cam across an old photo my buddies had taken, strangely my mom was there too, in this victory moment captured by their camera. I had just overrun a machine gun nest of Viet Cong and managed to wipe them out. I slaughtered them on this day if my recollection serves me. Only the neighborhood cat was left standing. I picked up the cat and held him captive for this victory pose. The cat was scratching the crap out of me during the shoot. A you can see, that was was one tough neighborhood. Even the cat was a hard guy and hung real well. I used those 2 x 4's on the ground to beat the enemy to death in hand to hand combat like my dad had taught me. If I remember correctly a high ranking Viet Cong officer who was drunk a lot live upstairs. That thing I am sitting on is the dog's house. I spent a lot of time in that house which was in slightly better condition than the dog's. The neighborhood was crawling with enemy, hardened fighters. This was one of the better houses I grew up in. The neighborhood I moved too from there when I was nine had a cat with balls the size of grapefruits.

We assembled the raised garden beds today. Received some vegetable seeds through the mail this afternoon, but don’t have the dirt yet. Have to risk a run to Home Depot for that Monday morning.

As Jimmy Buffett sings,"There's a fine line between Saturday night and Sunday mornings"

Steve K: When I was taking an assembly language college, I also worked in the computer lab which gave me 40 hours a week to basically sit and work on my assignments. I knocked out the weekly assignment in a few days, so, with time on my hands, I turned the entire source code text into Ode on a Grecian Urn by Keats. I next formatted the code to look like an urn.

When my professor saw it in class, he made me compile it to demonstrate to him that it worked. His only comment was 'I guess this is what happens when we let English Majors into the Computer Science program.'

@pirateboy - If the Grecian is anything like me, he ode way more than he urned.

Here's a song that suits those stewing at home. It was made famous by Rod Stewart. I've added a new verse at the end.

by Theodore Grant Anderson

Nighttime is only the other side of daytime
But if you've ever waited for the sun
You know what it's like
To wish daytime would come
And don't it seem like a long time
Seem like a long time, seem like a long, long time

Hard times are only the other side of good times
But if you've ever wished hard times were gone
You know what it's like
To wish good times would come
And don't it seem like a long time
Seem like a long time, seem like a long, long time

War time is only the other side of peace time
But if you've ever seen how wars are won
You know what it's like
To wish peace time would come
And don't it seem like a long time
Seem like a long time, seems like a long, long time

Quarantine is only the other side of friendly
But if you’ve ever longed to touch your son
You know what it’s like
To wish someone would come
And don't it seem like a long time
Seem like a long time, seems like a long, long time

These are our comments. If you don't like them, we have others.

OK, here's a serious comment: During this pandemic I've encouraged my elderly -- and not altogether together -- mother to read more and watch less TV. Partly that's for her self-improvement, partly it's because she has the volume so loud that we can't work from home comfortably. Anyway: to inspire her I've been feeding her a steady stream of your books off the bookshelf. She's ripped through several already, re-read a couple, and seems to be enjoying them. She wanted me to let you know how much she has enjoyed your books so far, and wanted me to tell you thanks for making her laugh -- even if she doesn't remember what she read. So...thanks much from mom. :)

pirateboy - My first and only attempt at PC programming was with the Turbo Pascal compiler from Phillipe Kahn's Borland Software Corp. ($50!!) That convinced me that I am a user.

I always thought people who could work in Assembly were some kind of super programmers. Then my nephew got a job here in Houston programming one of NASA's simulators. He worked in machine language, saying it was just easier. (!)

Chris --
Thanks, and best to you and your mom.

I literally cried because i was laughing so hard at Little Things That Piss Me Off - Rodney Carrington

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