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May 30, 2020


The floor is yours, commenters. Also the walls and the ceiling.

Please do not take the light fixtures.


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Sorry Dave, but Im too old to take the heavy fiztures, so..

A couple of hours ago I was watching a spaceship launch from Florida, on NASA TV, on my iPad, while sitting on my back deck cooling down after a 55 mile bike ride.

Sometimes the 21st Century is pretty damn cool.

Is this the 21st century already? Damned alarm didn't go off, again.This Quarantine is really messing with my sense of being.

..I'm even starting to forget where the hell my fingers are. 'fixtures'

Thanks to the COVID lockdown, I needed to order 2 pairs of short pants that would fit the new me. They arrived today. I opened the package and looked at the shorts I had ordered. They were HUGE! They looked simply MASSIVE. Nevertheless, I tried them on. They fit me. Now I am depressed. Sigh...

Light fixtures are indeed sacred!

Have you guys heard anything about this “corner virus” thing? It’s all people seem to be talking about. I keep expecting them to move on to something interesting, like the Kardashians, but no, they just keep droning on. Haven’t paid much attention, but seems to be going viral.


See. I've got the floor, but the roof is going. Light fixtures, too.

Together with the coroner's virus and the demonstrations, it should be an interesting summer.

I had to watch the launch on TV, since there was a wall of clouds over Orlando blocking the view.

DIY instructions to build your own ark if tose hurry-canes just keep-on-a-comin'...
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_fkpZSnz2I ...also contains some clever animal husbandry tips if you're quarantined with pets.

What comes after the Hurricane Season?

The Hurricane Playoffs.


Unlike police officers, Florida Animal Control knows how to use their donuts ;)

My wife & I just watched the first episode of the first season of "American Horror Story". I'm starting to think they should not have bought that house. Floor, walls, ceiling ... maybe the light fixtures ...

Speaking of walls...

Many years ago, a friend bought a house which was listed as “needing work.” When a group of us went to inspect it, we discovered that every wall of the large living room was painted a different neon color: green, blue, orange and pink. The small dining room had the most horrendous black-and-white flocked wallpaper you could ever imagine in your nightmares. It took four of us five days to get that paper off the walls. The group painting the living room had completely repainted the whole room (primer and two coats) before the dining room was minimally inhabitable.

I have detested wallpaper ever since.

I was back at work today. Felt strange being back. Like someone was following me around all day warning me of the dangers I was facing.

I haven't seen my desk at work in 72 days now. Amazingly, my work is still getting accomplished. If one positive thing can come out of the Covid-19 crisis, it is that organizations have just demonstrated that mid-level managers are no longer essential. And that is a Good Thing!

Space is a vacuum because... "

...it sucks?

@klez - several decades ago, my sister and brother-in-law moved into a house that was for rent. One room had ugly wallpaper, so they asked the landlady if they could remove it. She granted permission and my sister began to take pictures - there were 13 layers of wallpaper in all, each like a time capsule of what was popular back in the day. Yes, there was flocked wall paper, too.
Eventually they got down to just the slats as there was no plaster left! They fixed the wiring, put in insulation, sheet rock, and painted.
After a few years of various such improvements, the land lady wanted to raise their rent by $200/month because the little house was worth more. They chose to move and buy their own house.

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