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May 23, 2020




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The moral of this story: NEVER dol ines of coke on your keyboard!

'do lines'

You're just my type.

Back in my day....

Somewhere in Phuket there is an important official named, QWERTYUIOP.

Ralph - is that Linear A keyboard?

man tom - that's not Thai, it's Hungarian: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homage_to_Qwert_Yuiop

Thanks! Now I have an earworm of my high school typing teacher's "A S D F ah," as we pounded on ancient manual typewriters.

(We still typed rather than 'keyboarded' in my day. Please call the geezer bus.)

I didn't know you had a cat.

Did Dave get this topic idea from Mister Mxyzptlk?

Qwertyuiop was a well known dance choreographer during the Egyptian Ptolemaic dynasty. He had severe arthritis which gave him the idea for developing; "Dance Like an Egyptian," which is known to this day.

It just goes to show there are still some capital ideas out there when it comes to nightly themes, while the rest are just lower case.

Dave, the obvious answer is: etaoin shrdlu!

Qwertyuiop says me. Have a good weekend all. Alaska is open for business. Bring your bacteria, parasites, viruses, taste for ferns and most importantly your money.

Times Roman and Helvetica walk into a bar, and the bartender says "Hey! We don't serve that type in here!"



Geezer alert.

Also a surprisingly common password.

Translated into Dvorak:


Now we know your password.

f3red: It's for my tablet.

Bob Newhart has a routine about lab workers supervising the classic experiment where a room full of chimpanzees sit at typewriters to see if they’ll type Shakespeare....

“Fred, I think I got something over here...’To be or not to be. That is the gazornenplanz.’”

Great name for a rock band.

PYFGCRL is faster!


Oh, great. Now some celebrity is going to name her baby Qwertyuiop.

That’s a grandson’s first booger joke.

Was this the Saturday night Blog? If there was no blog then is this Dave's signal that it is safe to come out from under our beds. Feel like the Eloi in the Time Machine waiting for the All Clear signal. Free me from Joe Namath's Medicare commercials.

That sounds like me trying to get out of bed on a weekday morning.

Given the amount of effort, perhaps it's the signal for all hope is lost, although, in retrospect one would have to have the where-with-wll to depress the 'caplock' key before you begin the first line, and retain enough of a clear head to unpress it before the second line, and I still don't know how to do the proper spacing (is it holddown the space-bar while you press 'alt-control-delete' I just don't know), unless of course his elbow was inadvertantly depressing the shift key while he was snorting the first line, it's just not clear, or it's just anorther Saturday Night in Quarantine, so it could be that: we're just making too much of this, so in re-retrospect it's really just the 'not-knowing' I guess. It's just that I'm beginning to reach my tolerance limit for the amount of uncertainty I can endure, tha's all. So put simply: (SLAP!) "DAVE! SNAP OUT OF IT!!!", unless you've dropped your laptop in your soup, in which case, nevermind.

A priest, a minister and a rabbit walk into a bar.
The bartender asked the rabbit - what are you doing here?
And rabbit said - I don't know, I'm here just because of autocorrect.


I use the 'holy' method,

How many of us remember these as our first jokes?: (1) child raises hand in class to request bathroom pass, teacher responds, first recite the alphabet, child responds appropriately but inadvertantly omits the "P", teacher inquires as to its where-abouts which elicits the response "It's running down my leg!" (2) Q: how many letters in the alphabet A: 26 until L&M got kicked out for smoking, so 24 now.

" QWERTYUIOPasdfghjklzxcvbnm "

The Covid DNA code

I had no idea these were typewriter letters. I was wondering why the link didn’t work!
Dave is so funny :)

..Actually, Dave's even funnier than you imagine, once you come to the realization that other than yourself there are no other bloggers here, this is all Dave using other aliases, so, if I may, on all our behalf, it's "our" pleasure!


I think Ralph forgot to add that to his last post...

f3red: It's actually cuneiform.

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