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May 25, 2020


Tonight's theme is... (spins random theme generator)...  places you want to go once we can start going places again.


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I want to go to the front of the line on the open thread

I'm going to Disney World!

San Diego Zoo.

Back to my favorite brewery's taproom. Which as of two days ago, we can now do. And I have.

With the new world order now carefully in place, back to work this Thurs, Fri and Sat.

...CLICK, ..CLICK!, CLICK! ...And the pointer stops on the space labeled 'HOME', Ooh!! Sorry, Another bankrupt, so please hand over those prize-cards, Thank-you, re-apply your mask, Thank-you, and go stand under the hand-sanitizer shower for 20 seconds, Thank-you!! ..Ohh, we're almost out of time, be sure & tune in for tomorrow's episode of "WHERE THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING?!?!?"

Sunny Isles Beach, 1959, The Rascal House, for breakfast.

I've never been to me. Wait, no .. that's the only place I have been for the past umpty-ump days. You mean there are still other places?

To quote Liz Yellow-Sour-Fruit "I want to go to there!"

I want to go to a restaurant with my friends

Roadtrip. Anywhere. To be able to go inside a restaurant and sit down and have something to eat before getting back on the road.

A bar, any bar, with my buddies.

If I don’t get a haircut soon, a combover or a mullet is on the table

I want to feel like Captain Kirk when he took the Enterprise out for the last time under his command:

"Where to, Captain?"

"Second star to the right and straight on until morning."

I want to drive across the California desert, listening to The Eagles on the CD player, and arrive in Palm Springs just before sunset.

The "Mucky Duck" in Houston, "Modern pub/concert venue featuring diverse acts (from rock to country), beer, wine & eclectic bites". Some great acts like The Austin Lounge Lizards playing songs like "Progenitorivox (The Drugs I Need)":


Or Hayes Carll - She Left Me For Jesus


Or Robbie Fulks: She Took A Lot Of Pills (And Died)


Or the Red Elvises - I Wanna See You Belly Dance


Todd Snider used to play there, but he's moved up to venues that seat more than a couple of hundred.

The only shopping I have missed, and perhaps I should be ashamed of this, is entirely based on thrift stores. I'm talking Salvation Army and the like. I just love the hunt: for clothes, for appliances, for all sorts of decorative crap I don't need. And the books! I have bought so many books, saving all sorts of cash that would otherwise go to exorbitantly wealthy wri ... er, I always buy Mister Barry's books brand new, and marked up for extra author's commission by my personal and adamant request.

@Craig magee - Good save!

(Thrift stores used to be my downfall, too. Now I have enough excess crap to stock five of them. "Spring cleaning" to commence immediately.)

Amici's, on Santa Cruz Avenue, big plate of lemon chicken wings and all my buddies around me.

After that??

Anywhere but here!

I'll go with all y'all who wanna go "with the radio blastin' and cruisin' just as fast as we can now..." to the used book store, then the bar to sip brews and shoot $hit. Maybe then a baseball game, then back to the bar.

I want to be able to safely visit my daughter in Florida who is having a baby (our first grandkid) later this summer.

I'd like to go buy some (make that a lot of) real beer, take it to Dave's place and drink it!

Flathead County. For real. It’s incredible.

Key West. So I can prove to my wife that I haven't turned into the craziest person in the country during the lockdown....

@MikeinJersey - I'm in, road trip! I nominate you to drive the Geezer bus for us.


Salty Dawg Bar on the Homer Spit in Alaska. I love talking to the fishermen and ask for their best fishing story. One fellow caught a red, white and blue Maine lobster on the 4th of July.

@PirateBoy--Thank you for bringing up The Eagles. One of our best memories was back when we made some money and the wife and I drove a Porsche 911 across California with the CD playing Hotel California with the smell of orange blossoms hanging in the air. Great memories for sure. We would love to go back and check into The Hotel California where you can check in, but you can never leave.

@Jane Linderman--Is the Birdhouse Bar on the road to Skagway still there? I will always remember visiting that piece of history.

To the Hershey's store in Times Square. Went there a year and a half ago, couldn't find my way out until I bought about $100 worth of chocolate, peanut butter cups, and a souvenir Hershey bowl to eat my breakfast cereal every morning.

Back to the same places we went in the past - Florida in the winter, New Orleans, and Vegas for my wife.

Out to the state or national parks. Yellowstone, for one.

Soggy Dollar Bar, Jost van Dyke, BVI’s. Best beach bar on the planet and home of the Painkiller

Alas, the Birdhouse Bar burned down. I hear it has relocated somewhere else. I too would like to visit there with my grandchildren.

Uncle Timmy and Le Petomane. The Birdhouse Bar is now inside Chilkoot Charlie’s in Anchorage. The bartender that opened beer caps with her ample bosom has retired.

ANYPLACE! Just to get out of the house and see some other faces.

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