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May 02, 2020


N. Carolina Court: Middle Finger Didn't Warrant Traffic Stop

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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What is this country coming to when you can't show your appreciation anymore ?


In many states, the driver could have been charged with distracted driving, which doesn't have to involve first amendment questions. However, for drivers over 18, North Carolina only prohibits emailing and texting, so waving a finger, phone, or rutabaga around is perfectly legal.

"Mr. Ellis, do you have anything to say regarding the decision and your right to exhibit protected speech?"


What about farting in their general direction?

Farting in their general direction is one of our most sacred rights. Wars have stared over less than messing with this one.

If it was illegal here I'd be reading the blog on a prison computer. Although, I would never do this to a police officer. That's just wrong. Plus all of them know my dad and would tell on me.

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