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May 26, 2020


Turtle smashes through Savannah driver’s windshield on Truman Parkway

(Thanks to Jay Brandes)


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...and the best part is we can deliver the turtle soup with drones directly to the customers so our revenue stream will be unaffected by the quarantine!

First came a home lockdown and now we have flying turtles to deal with.


Am I the only one who skipped to the end of the article just to see if the turtle was okay?

"Turtlegram for Kevin Grant!"

Insurance agent: "I'm sorry your policy only cowers flying monkeys not flying turtles"

...but what if the turtle was DROPPED by a flying monkey?. Can't he be charged with breaking & entering so then we can sue him in a civil action?

Alas, poor turtle.

I didn't know his name was Alice, however, it is a wonder where he landed.

The Turtle is the world's most powerful telekinetic, able to lift battleships with the power of his mind. For decades, he was one of New York City's most celebrated crimefighters and also one of the most mysterious. In his adventures, he hid inside a protective "shell" (actually the modified body of a Volkswagen Beetle) that he floated around with his telekinesis, so no one knew who the Turtle actually was. That changed when he revealed his secret identity to the world in the early-1990s. The Turtle is actually Tom Tudbury, an ordinary and mild-mannered man who used to be a big comic book fan. Tommy's telekinetic powers don't work when he is nervous or scared, forcing him to use his shell for protection when fighting crime.

He's back. He's bad. You won't call him " Yertle" anymore

r.i.p flying turtle


Great stuff all !

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