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May 03, 2020


Man Finds Giant Bird-Eating Spider Guarding His Garage

(Thanks to Ralph)


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If the garage is detached from the house, it would be a simple matter to burn it to the ground with the spider still in it. Then, while rebuilding the garage, give the house a new coat of paint. Sell the joint and move to New Zealand--or Canada---or?

We now know why the chicken crossed the road.
I'm with the chicken on this one.

This may be the answer to the killer hornet problem.

It's more afraid of you . . . than you are of him.

If you know about spiders and just saw the headline, you would guess wrong. The actual Goliath Birdeater spider is found in northern South America, not Australia.and it's a tarantula, not an orb weaver.

Remarkable birdeater, id'nit, squire? Lovely plumage!

This means that no one will steal his car, but he'll need to buy another to get to work.

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