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May 27, 2020


GE Research team developing giant robotic earthworm

(Thanks to Jim Kenaston)


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I saw them open for Lou Reed.

..soon to be found procreating in the wilds of the Everglades, no doubt.

I hear they make good bait for robotic fish.

This type of underground boring tools have been around for a long time. A friend of my dad had a plumbing business and used a Schramm Pneumagopher to drive a hole for piping or electronic cable under a road without have to close it to traffic.
It worked well for a time until the gopher hit a rock or something to knock it off course and cause it to pop up in the fast lane of an Interstate highway. A truck did it in and also caused a few fender benders that made the news.
Maybe the robot earthworm will be smarter than a pneumagopher, but I wouldn't bet on it.


“Our ultimate holy grail is to make this fully autonomous."

good idea

just what we need now ...

What ever happened to Earthworm Jim?

Yeah, these things are how you end up with ghosts haunting you.

If you're not real careful to stay on task, this is what can happen when you start a company to make light bulbs.

The question is whether they'll actually catch giant robotic fish.

Key quote:

”The lead segment tapers to a point and the following segments expand and contract in a rhythmic pulsing motion; the lengthening segments push the nose forward through the soil...”

C’mon, we all know what they’re really planning to make with this technology. (wink wink)

On Arrakis you don't mess with the worms. I don't think I'd mess with this one either.

Haven't these people ever watched 1950s thriller movies?

Autonomous robotic graboids. 2020 just keeps getting better.

This must be one of the GE divisions that they're not trying to sell.

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