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May 30, 2020



Blame the pandemic, but I just started watching the 1970s TV show "Vegas" starring Robert Urich. Every time they show the Desert Inn marquis, it shows Wayne Newton as the headliner, but just below Wayne to the left, it lists "Dave Barry."

Obviously it's a different Dave Barry, but (a) I thought you'd enjoy seeing your name in lights (again) so I took a picture of the TV screen; and (b) you'd be happy knowing "you" were with Wayne Newton and NOT Barry Manilow!




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I can't remember what they call it on that game show where they spin the wheel (hell, I can't remember that either) when they do a mash-up (before&after, maybe?) but is there one whose solution is Davey Barry Manilow?

Now if Wayne or Dave could dance like this...

Rat Pack Days...HAR. I plan to use the line soon, very soon.

"Would like some help out to your car with all those groceries."

"Uh no, some of the guys from my Rat Pack days are waiting out in the Limo."

Or maybe Dave is ashamed of his previous job? Come clean, Dave!

Trent, re last night's topic: it's marquee, not marquis.

I'd pay to watch Dave sit and write a column or book at a Vegas show. Especially if there are showgirls dancing about.

According to Wiki:
D ave Berry (born David Holgate Grundy, 6 February 1941 in Woodhouse, Sheffield) is an English pop singer and former teen idol of the 1960s.

He performed a mixture of R&B and pop ballads and was popular in Britain, and in Continental Europe, especially Belgium and the Netherlands, but had no commercial success in the US, where he is best known for the original versions of Ray Davies' "This Strange Effect" and Graham Gouldman's "I'm Going To Take You There".

He had an unusual ambition for a pop performer trying to make a name for himself - to appear on television completely hidden by a prop.[2] In his own words, to "not appear, to stay behind something and not come out". He often hid behind the upturned collar of his leather jacket, or wrapped himself around, and effectively behind, the microphone lead.[

...maybe he meant marquee de sade?

Obviously not our Dave Barry. Our Dave Barry would have gotten top billing.

Dave Barry and the Jive Sisters WBAGNFA funk band.

Dave Barry and the Jive Sisters

Dave -I heard the tuna sandwich at The Desert Inn was to die for. Ever have it in your swinging days there?

P.s.- Which Soul Sister was friskier?

Oops... I meant Jive Sister, obviously. Everyone knows which Soul Sister was friskier (Eunice).

Eunice? ...Ya, I'm REAL nice!

Here in Roswell, New Mexico, alien capital of the world, we know this sign is a quantum warp abnormality. Dave Barry has been a headliner in the Alpha Centauri System for many earth years. This guy, Wayne Newton, is pretty much an unknown there. Hence the billboard is faulty.

Dave was Frank’s favorite - he never had to shine his shoes or pick up his dry cleaning, unlike that schlep Joey Bishop.

See the third light from the left in that Desert Inn sign? I believe I paid for that one in about 1986. It wasn't a good night at the tables for me.

I don't know about paying to hear Dave Barry sing, but I'd pay real money to see "Jekyll and Hyde featuring Lorraine" play a set.

I'm happy to report that "Dave Barry" also performed at the Frontier in 1978 per another Year 1 scene showing that casino's marquee (sad to report that I'm still watching "Vegas" reruns, but it's better than the news!). Yes, I'll take another screenshot if he ever shows up at Circus Circus. ;)

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