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May 28, 2020


Dave - I think "What's the strangest thing you've ever witnessed, in person?" is an interesting thread topic, n'est pas?

By the way, AutoCorrect wanted to change "n'est pas" to "messy pad". Not sure what that's implying. I'm no Felix Unger, but...

Take care, Dave,

-Kent, aka, "Stixnstonz"

We can think of many candidates, but certainly a strong one was watching the mayor of Grand Forks, N.D., dedicate a sewage lifting station (Number 16) in our honor.


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Autocorrect was puzzled, n'est-ce pas?

Ces la vie, but does it count if it was an out-of-body experience? (like you saw it, but you also saw yourself in it, like frozen, like if time stopped, then backed up, and then started again but like not unusual, just like everyday stuff.

It was the late 60's I was in the Navy stationed On a Minesweeper, wooden ship round bottomed and top heavy.
We left Charleston Navy Base headed for Florida.
Two days out we encounter a storm headed north. The ship fought the waves for two days during which we nearly capsized, lost our starboard ladder (outside stairway) and lost the 24 inch carbon arc spotlight when the flying bridge was ripped up. The waves were so intense that the water was pouring down the 'stack vents.
We had to but plastic bags over the power switchboards to prevent them shorting out. Everyone onboard was seasick (no messages were sent recording our location).
Finally the Captain ordered the ship to turn around and head back our home port.
We got back in record time. Once the ship was moored the crew went to the bank of telephones st the head of the pier to call home.
This was the 60's so no cellphones, no satellites and computers were lady mathematicians with slide rules.

One of the 'guys said "I just called home to philly.

We were on the news he said, they reported that we were "lost At SEA" and were considering out search planes"
The headline read "Navy ship lost in the Bermuda Triangle".
So the strangest thing I ever witnessed in person wss


@Bill Hudgens-- AutoCorrect usually has difficulty with post-alcohol French (Or Spanish, English, Ect,).
I prefer the pragmatic approach of trying the Klingon language because no one speaks or writes it and therefor confuses AutoCorrect to the point it doesn't know whether you are messing up or not.

When I typed in that phrase, my AutoCorrect came up with, "A moose once bit my sister."

An eye injury I received a little over 20 years ago left me temporarily totally blind in one eye. So, probably the strangest thing I have ever seen in person would be peering out of my eye and seeing 'total darkness'. I fully recovered and have my sight back in full glory. TG.

In Tucson, Arizona back in the early-to-mid 1980s I was stopped at the intersection of North First Avenue and River Road. A pick-up truck crossed the insection. Standing in the bed of the truck was a full-size horse! That might have been the cruelest thing I have ever seen.

Also, in Tucson, I was traveling on I-10 when I was passed by a much larger truck. On its bed was a submarine. That was pretty dang strange to see in Tucson.

@Bill Hudgins -Excusez-moi...Okay it's been almost 40 years, and I don't know much about the French I took. I also don't know much about a science book. For that matter, I don't know much about algebra. No clue what a slide rule is for (never did).

But I do know Mr. T put me on his lap at a meet-and-greet when I was in my 20's. Very surreal. I was afraid to say, "no"...

Disney on Ice.

No, wait, not strange enough. My wife would probably say this: we were visiting Bath (England) the summer of 197- something. After hitting the high points (the Roman Baths the Abbey, etc.) we visited the Bath Costume Museum. (Not my idea, believe me.) We finished and were walking out, when who gets out of a limo and walks into the Museum but...Katherine Hepburn! I mean, WTFBBQ?

OK, maybe not that strange either.

when I was a youngster, my family and all our neighbors in a rural area of Illinois saw a v-shaped formation of circular lights hovering overhead. They moved very rapidly in unison multiple times while we all watched then they just seemed to vanish. Everyone was convinced they had just seen a bunch of UFOs.

Many years later I saw a demonstration the duplicated what we'd seen using a tank of water with oil floated on top and a flashlight pointing at the point where they met. it turns out that what we saw was the refracted light from a car's headlights shining down into the valley we lived in while there was a cold air inversion from a storm system nearby.

Who'd a thunk it.

@staticjoeage--Submarines can turn up in the oddest places. Years ago I helped retrieve a submarine from a lake above Central City, Colorado. Supposedly it was built by a German blacksmith to test the design. he later returned to Germany and helped design the U-Boats.
All I am certain of is there was a sunken small submarine in that lake that had been there a long time.


Offhand, the strangest thing I recall is seeing the A Team rappel down the side of our cruise ship. Of course when we saw it, we were docked in Mexico. When we saw it on TV, they were in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. BTW - our conclusion on the trip was - Mr. T is a jerk.

I was at a night club in DC that had a varied clientele including Goths, people with body piercings, etc. The entertainment for the evening was a fire eater and then one guy throwing darts into the back of another guy.

I was suddenly reminded that I had an acupuncture treatment once on my back and made the mistake of taking a look back. I looked like a porcupine.

I've seen v-shaped formations of geese flying on a well-lit by moonlight night, looked pretty UFO0-ish until I realized what I was looking at.

The Aurora Borealis seen from a lawn near Chicago on the evening of July 4, 1974. (Neither drink nor drug induced.)

In 1967 at the Grand Canyon, I saw a West German tourist eat a ham sandwich with a knife and fork. I thought that was pretty weird.

I don't remember how many years ago this was but back when the US space shuttle was still in operation, I was headed south on rte 33 in Chicopee and looking out over the then
Westover AFB just above the southeast horizon in a very pale shade of blue-green you could see the solid rocket boosters separate from the shuttle on its way to orbit.

I grew up on Long Island, NY, not too far from the old Grumman Aerospace plant in Bethpage, NY.

I can recall one time, it was maybe 1963 or 64, I was 4 or 5 years old standing in our open garage when I spotted a strange aircraft that was hovering nearby. Just across from our house was a fence and then some scrub next to the access road to the Cross Island Parkway. The craft rose up into the air but made no noise. The craft had an irregular fuselage, not round and it had no wings or propeller(s) like a helicopter. The craft had what appeared to be either an open or clear bubble canopy with a pilot and a co-pilot inside. The two inside were definitely human, not grey or reptilian alien. I was puzzled but not afraid. I only remember seeing the strange silent air craft for a short time, perhaps a minute or two.

I never saw this craft again or any other similar aircraft in any photos. I mention Grumman Aerospace because as I grew older I came to learn that there were all sorts of experimental aircraft being flown at the time so maybe the sighting I had was one of those.

In the early part of this century I was watching a very bright air born light approaching from the northeast for about 15 minutes, as it got very close to my location you could actually see the flames and that it was a hinged five-fingered glove of some sort that was rotating in such a way that made it quite obvious as to its construction and its intended purpose. I've always assumed it was the glove from an astronauts spacesuit, jettisoned for reasons unknown.

My brother and I were on a dock one dark night, looking at the stars. I was describing a space-trash meteor I had seen recently, and swept an arc with my finger. At that moment, a meteor streaked across the sky almost exactly along the arc I was tracing. My brother said, "hey, do that again."

RE: sewer station dedication.

It's nice to know mayors are good for something.

When I was about 11 years old, we all gathered in the front lawn to witness the Northern Lights, from Southern California. Either that, or one of Le Pet's UFOs migrated to the West Coast.

And speaking of UFOs, Mrs. PirateBoy and I once spent 3+ hours watching a test aircraft near the infamous "Area 51" outside of Fallon, Nevada. It was shaped like a cigar, had s single white headlight, and an orange glow from the back. It made no sound, and defied all the known laws of physics. It would rise vertically, stop instantly, make random "Z" turns (in any axis, without slowing down) and then drop like a meteor and vanish, only to re-appear in a different part of the sky. We knew it was a test aircraft, not an alien (Sorry, LGM fans!) as it was constantly being circled by a military jet. In the parlance of the UFO followers, I suspect it was what is referred to as a "fast mover". And it was.

I've never seen a UFO however I do remember seeing a piece of Skylab going over my house back in the late 1970's. I just knew it was going to fall through our roof and kill me while I slept. Fortunately, it didn't.
The strangest question I've ever been asked happened when I worked at the county jail for about a year. No, I wasn't an inmate just the nurse. One of the inmates asked me if I'd go look for his gold tooth. Evidently one of the policeman that arrested him had knocked it out and he wanted it back. I never did find it.

@nursecindy--I have always known you were a smart lady.
No prospector here in the West with any common sense would ever say they found gold.

It was strange around 6 months shortly after learning to walk, often with a fully loaded up diaper, I was able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!

Houston's Alley Theater presented the play "Noises Off", a great farce by Michael Frayn. The first act takes place in an elaborate two level interior of an English country mansion - lots of doors up and down. The second act takes place behind that stage set, i.e. in the area behind the actual stage play, with ladders, etc. allowing the actors access to the various doors for their entrances and exits.

At the first intermission, the crew, using lots of ropes, turned the entire massive set around 180 degrees in a few minutes. They got a standing ovation from the audience, who knew to stay and watch.

The crew turned it back around for the third act. But by then it was old hat, no biggie. Joking, they got more applause.

Once was driving on a deserted rural Tennessee highway and saw blue flashing lights in my rear view mirror. Pulled over and trembled with fear over what I had done to offend Da Law. A police person asked me if I knew where I was. Thought it was a strange question but said yes and stated where I was. He then thanked me and said he and his partner were lost and just wanted to know where we were. We then parted ways. Thank goodness today we have GPS and we all know where we are at.

I was on the upper deck of a cruise ship as it was backing through fog. A fog bow, also called a white rainbow appeared in front of me. I tried to touch it as it twisted and rose skyward. Reciting my story to a bartender got me cut off.

i had a whole different take on "messy pad"

I once spent a week tripping on lsd. Saw lots of weird things.

...that's why you you never leave your LSD laying about your messy pad (especially on the stairs) people have fallen from windows after tripping on their LSD

Strangest? Right now, witnessing the world shut down due to a pandemic. Yesterday I got the Covid-19 test. Not due to symptoms, but because in my area they have opened up testing to anyone. If someone had told me a year ago that a year later someone was going to try to touch my brain through my nose with a long Q-Tip, I would have raised an eyebrow.

Do we need to add "raised an eyebrow" to that list of euphemisms?

Rudolph, I had that nasal swab test for flu at the end of January (positive for type-A). My eyebrows were raised by the swab. The first side was bad enough, but then they said they had to do the other side .. with the same swab .. I was too sick to object, "Hey! Don't use the same swab; you don't know where that's been!" (yes, I know that sinuses are connected)
I hope your test works out well for you.

As for the strangest thing I have ever witnessed in person: I see a lot of things. Who wants to know?

Watching the burning pieces of Columbia streaking across the sky from my back porch.

Totally surreal.

i can remember saying "wow, that was the strangest thing i've ever seen," but i can't remember what for...is there room on that geezer bus??

January of '95 I saw a meteor that would better be described as a fireball. I think it was on the green side.

I also went into the line of totality for the Eclipse in August of '17.

And I have seen Marily Hagerty's lift station in Grand Forks, but not Dave Barry's. There was also that tree that was thrown over Johnstone Hall in the bad weather of August 8th, 2001, a night where a trace of snow (hail) fell at the weather office at the edge of town.

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