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May 30, 2020


If you want to buy a decommissioned nuclear reactor control panel, I’ve found one for you

(Thanks to Jim Kenaston)


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I want one of the fully functional ones. Still attached and all.

If only there were two what great bookends they'd make.

If I knew what a “pound” was, I’d submit my bid.

Would this impress women?

"Wanna come up and look at my control panel?"

True story, I know a guy that bought a Mig fighter jet when the Soviet Union collapsed. One of the requirements for civilian sale was to render the machine guns inoperable in a manner such that they couldn't be repaired. They couldn't just remove the guns, because the weight was needed for proper balancing of the plane.

Unfortunately I already gave my dad one of these for Christmas. Got any more ideas?

The bidding is up to 3300 pounds -- still a bargain, especially if your current nuclear reactor control panel is no longer under warranty.

How many pounds is that per pound?

Just what I need for my 1960 Curtis Mathes console TV.

The Roswell space aliens tell me they have an app for a smartphone that does the same thing.

Will it still play my old Atari video games?

As the saying goes, the two happiest days of a man's life are the day he buys a decommissioned nuclear reactor control panel and the day he sells a decommissioned nuclear reactor control panel.

@wanderer2575--A question from the Roswell aliens: Who is this "Old Atari?"

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