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May 21, 2020


In landslide vote, citizens of Baker City elect to sell a 1995 backhoe

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Kale probably didn't think this little news item would go international.

Do you suppose it has collector value?

Father's Day is coming.

That backhoe has sentimental value. It was used in 1991 to tow a trailer with 20 garbage cans, each holding a porcupine, to the last porcupine race to ever be held at the Baker City Miner's Jubilee celebration.

The porcupines, of course, are still celebrating that event.

...supposedly true story 'bout Beantown's infamous Mayor Curly goes: post re-election Mayor gives a lucrative city contractor (and campaign supporter) a healthy city contract for physical upgrades. Said contractor thanks MC for the awarded contract, but since he didn't bid on it he really isn't prepared and at a minimum he'd need a backhoe to complete it. Early next morning a city truck arrives at his door and deposits a brand new backhoe. Yada, yada, yada said contractor completes the project and dutiflly returns said backhoe to the city yard. An hour later contractor recieves a cal from a very irrate MC: You SOB GET YOUR ARSE OVER HERE IMMEDIATELY AND RETRIEVE YOUR GD BACKHOE. I GAVE THAT TO YOU! YOU MORON! ARE YOU TRYING PUT MY ASS IN JAIL, CUZ IF YOU ARE I AIN'T GOING ALONE, that f'n gd backhoe better not be here by morning or the city will really get on your arse! Or so goes the story as I best recall.

It was originally used to remove dead whales from the beach, but Oregon has another way of handling that now.

I have a friend who has an old Case backhoe. He named it Justin.

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