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May 25, 2020


Queen Elizabeth once avoided a controversial palace guest by hiding in a bush, filmmaker says

(Thanks to Jonh Lobert)



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I'm sure it was a royal bush.

As the stems of bush parted in the center, "Vvveeerrrrryy, interesting!!!" she explained as raised she her cigarette-holder to her lips and adjusted her SS helmet, allowing the bush to return to its original shape.

When I was in college English class ~1995, a young pencil neck began to tell the class that the Holocaust had never occurred and he offered a bunch of phony baloney for all the reasons that "evidence" had been mocked up.
I kept raising my hand from my desk. I was almost perspiring because I was so angry with this 19 year-old snot and his adoring GF who nodded her head in agreement with his speech. The instructor nodded her head from time to time and glanced at me to let me know that she would let me speak in turn.
When the kid finally drew in a breath, she turned to me and said, "Ms. MOTW, it looks like you have something to add ..?"
I turned to the young man and asked him if he had heard the quote that those who don't learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.
"Uhh .. I guess so .."
Then I asked him if he had watched the evening news in the last two weeks.
"No, I don't really watch the news." Newspaper? No.
(this was before the internet, folks)
I explained that Bosnia was committing genocide like Hitler and Himmler - they wanted to wipe an entire culture from the face of the earth. A few years prior, we had Ceaușescu.
Then I told this young man that it was because people like him, who not only remained willfully ignorant of the past, but espoused and promoted the "Holocaust is a myth" theory that allowed dictators to continue to repeat history. To repeat genocide.
He shut the hell up. His GF looked shocked.
Our instructor had a smile on her lips. It is one of my prouder moments.

The ruse was smashingly successful, until Her Majesty’s Executive Secretary said, “Elizabeth R, stand up please!”

Now ‘tis time to catch the pensioner coach...

(US translation: geezer bus)

^5 to MOTW!

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