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May 18, 2020


Priest goes viral after using holy water squirt gun at drive-thru service

(Thanks to Peter Metrinko, Stan Ruth and Jay Brandes)


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No word on how the holy water Slip N Slide went over.

A little song,
Some prayers and chants,
A little blessing down your pants.

"Officer, I'm sorry this guy made an ash out of himself, but how was I to know he was a vampire?"

So does he have to go all the way to the Jordan River to fill it back up?

Next up, drive through baptisms. The church will have snorkel-equipped Range Rovers available for rent.

Thank God mohels have not started doing drive-by circumcisions.

And huge *snork* @ AmoebaStampede.

Taken from the trailer for THE EXORCIST III (The land of Oz)
The Wicked-Witch-of-the-West will never stand a chance against Fr "Quick-draw" McDooglyurdonovich:"You wanna see me draw? Ya'wanna see me draw again?
Take that, you dirty rats, flying monkeys my arse!"

Sorry, but mohels are indeed doing drive-by circumcisions - they use long reach tree pruners!

wanderer, that causes me to recall the test-drive circumcision in a commercial spoof done by the 1970s SNL bunch.

Thanks, wanderer! Huge *Snork* 'n' Circ 'n' Slide back at ya.

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