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May 23, 2020


The Texas Department of Public Safety is sharing a photo from firefighters with the Western Lakes Fire District in Wisconsin. It shows serious damage to the drivers side door of a car caused by “hand sanitizer igniting in a hot vehicle that reached 95 degrees Fahrenheit inside the vehicle.”

(Thanks to Le Petomane)


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Is this the same genius who left the parabolic mirror in his car a couple years ago?

From the headline only Texas heat will cause hand sanitizer to explode. If you live in one of the other 49 states, you may safely store hand sanitizer, extra cans of gasoline and propane bottles, ETC in your car without worry.

Hoax -- according to article comments, photo supposedly the result of aerosol spray and a lighter and from Thailand. We have kept small bottles of hand sanitizer in the center consoles of our vehicles ever since they became available both with and without a sunshade without any problems.

Vehicles in the full sun with the windows up get a lot warmer than 95F, maybe they meant 195F?


The hand sanitizer ad on the page

Le Pet, this could of course happen in January in Texas.

Actually, I would expect such an explosion to make more of a mess than a fire. The pressure in the bottle builds up, blows the cap off, and presto! Goo all over your car's interior.

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