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May 03, 2020


Asia's 'murder hornet' lands in US for first time

(Thanks to Kevin Smith and pharmaross)


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Godzilla was substandard. This is bad.

In other news, the National Weather Service has announced that this will be a very active hurricane season. I can't wait.

maybe we can get the murder hornets to go to war with the killer bees...and here in Arizona we also have the terrifying tarantula hawk wasp...2nd most painful sting/bite known to man...oh goody

The mosquitoes here on the Texas gulf coast just laugh and say "Amateurs!"

Thanks to this being all over the media I dreamed I pulled the mandibles and head off one of these as it was biting me. It left a huge laceration on my left thumb. I need the left thumb when playing my French Horn. My husband said it was a dream come true for him.

Here in New Mexico we have chupacabra wasps. They are large and violent and easily attack. They would not only eat a murder hornet, but also it's buddies, nest and the tree it was in.

Murder wasps are repelled by chilies so we doubt they will ever be a problem in these parts.

When I heard about the 'Murder Hornets' I thought it was a new XFL franchise. That confused me, because I'd heard the league folded.

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