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May 21, 2020



(Thanks to Geoff)


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How about retired nuclear warheads that were never fired in anger?

Asking for a friend's Dad

Someone had balls to recycle that.

Why do I get the feeling the recycling company sells such things to the Acme Corporation?

Did they fire it at Windsor or Toledo?

How about hardtack?

The hardtack, if still in the original crate, should still be good for another 200 years and can be used in any future apocalypse. Just knock the mealworms out of it and cook them separately.

I was at a historic site, a fort, talking to the park ranger, when some dude walked in with a cannonball he'd found nearby.

Dad and I tried not to be obvious about backing away slowly.

Old cannonballs are nothing much to worry about. Now if the Roswell space aliens happen to "misplace" a Kilo of antimatter, it's time to worry.

And don't store 200+ year-old grenades.

UXO is nothing to mess around with. When I was stationed in Okinawa my family and I were enjoying the sunset at the Kadena Marina beach. Some Security Police Officers started herding all the beach goers to one end of the beach away from the entrance. It turned out that a big rock that had been setting by the guard shack was in fact an unexploded 2000 lb bomb left over from WWII. The case had finally rusted through and the explosive was spilling out. Some EOD guys came with a flatbed truck and crane and hauled the "rock" away. Then we all went back to enjoying the sunset.

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