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May 03, 2020


The Beverly Hills City Council, with a 4-1 majority, voted to repeal the moratorium on elective and cosmetic surgeries, allowing plastic surgeons to reopen their doors immediately.

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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And yet the barbershops and dentist offices are still closed.

Some California politician's wife/mistress/friend with benefits, demands some enhancement STAT!

Where I am I have had to visit dentist twice in last few weeks. Received their new set of rules via email. Very lengthy. Drive into parking lot, call on phone, wait for them to call back, enter (patient only), receive care and then depart. All patients have temperature taken on entry. Sound like it may help to reduce spread but same thing worries me because of all the claims about some people being asymptotic or simply that there is some period when catching this big there also may be a period of time when you catch it and may actually be contagious before having a temperature. Worrisome to say the least. I know my email is flooded with loads of thermometer offers. So in addition to masks I remember these simple plastic strips for moods that you held for a few seconds. Actually reacted to temperature. In addition to masks maybe stick these to our foreheads?

Dennis 7172 - Your visit's safety protocol pretty much describes ADA, and other industry related organizations, guidelines.

In some areas, the return of Botox is a big deal:

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