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May 26, 2020


Three young Bolivian brothers were hospitalized after getting a black widow spider to bite them — thinking it would turn them into Spider-Man, according to officials.

(Thanks to Barry Nester and Ralph)


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What would they have wanted bitten to become Superman?

Idiots like these are the reason Superman costumes come with the warning label "Does Not Enable User To Fly." No doubt they'll get some shyster lawyer to sue Mother Nature because the spiders did not have a similar label.

In the first spider man movie, I don't believe the spider was radioactive. However the comic book and STAN LEE had the spider radioactive.

...you know whatever it is would bite Lois Lane first, then Jimmie Olson, and then the Chief & everybody would end up in Bizzarro World, and then the Justice League would have to step in and deal with the whole mess.

No one told those boys the downside of being a male spider. The first time you mate, the female eats you.

Any chance these three brothers are part of the Bolivian orchestra stuck in the castle? Because that would explain a lot.

A Black Widow bite will turn you into Spider Man? I don't Bolivia.

Does anyone know why the spider was herding sheep?


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