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May 31, 2020


Necco Wafers are about to make a comeback.

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Ugh. The first time I ate one of these coincided with the last. Thought they tasted like chalk. And I spent enough of first grade with my nose in a chalk circle on the blackboard to know of what I speak.

So we can chock that one up to experience?

I love Necco Wafers! Yes they taste chalky but they were a childhood favorite along with Junior Mints.

If I want that "chalky taste" that nursecindy so accurately mentioned, I would choose Pepto Bismol.

How many of us remember that the only time we saw those treats was at the popcorn stand in the lobby of the movie theater? Ju-ju beads, anyone?

Up here, The Flathead Theater was still selling Necco Wafers when the lockdown closed it. Possibly those things were not big selling items?

Then the rumor that schools were selling their chalk sweeping to buy school supplies was untrue?

The first thing that came to mind was Brent Spiner saying "We ate the Necco Wafers" at 3:26. (At 2:32, you can see John Larroquette turning away from the camera to hide his laughter.)

I've got broken teeth says they weren't so hot.

Oh, good! The flavored chalk is coming back! The plain chalk has not been a good substitute.

Thank you thank you Dave Barry and crew for making me laugh out loud!

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