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April 28, 2020


Speedy Gonzalez accused of stealing checks from metro Atlanta mailboxes

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Slowpoke Rodriguez is the mastermind behind the scam.


When asked where He got the name Speedy, his wife explained to investigators, "if you had to sleep with him you would understand how something like this could have happened."

Coronavirus, Coronavirus, Coronavirus... now with Breaking News...this Speedy Gonzales short in hopes at least someone is still tuned in and if so still awake.

I hope they're going to lock him up with Pat Boone.

*heads back to the geezer bus*

He may be the first in a long time to get a speedy trial.

Please tell me the arresting officer was NOT "Quick Draw McGraw".

Meanwhile, El Kabong is still at large.

Of course, the real Speedy would have gotten away.

Rod--I am told by an unreliable source that the real Speedy Gonzalez lost his drivers license years ago due to getting too many traffic tickets. He has gotten old and stove up. Most inmates of his assisted living community just call him 'Shuffling Gonzalez' nowadays.

* fist bumps Jeff and heads for the bus *

Judge commented, during sentencing, “You’re dethpicable!”.

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