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April 25, 2020


Library books rearranged in size order by cleaner

(Thanks to Ralph and pharmaross)


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I would have arranged them by color. Blue books on one shelf, white books on another, etc...

That was a novel idea by the cleaner.

Libraries make shhh happen!

Beats the Dewey Decimal System. (Do any of these young whippersnappers today even know the Dewey Decimal System?)

Dave should arrange all of the books he has authored using the Suffolk method and post a photo.

Just wait until the library discovers how the cleaner arranged the Kindles.

Krystal Vittles? What was her mother thinking?

Reminds me of my grandmother who cleaned her daughters piano (my aunt) with soap and water. The INSIDE of the piano. I think it was sort of ruined.

LeDud, when I worked in radio in college in the 70’s, the station owner thought that the records sounded like they needed cleaning. He put a dish pan, a sponge, and a bottle of Joy dishwashing liquid in the studio, with a roster of announcer’s names and their schedule of “record washing duty”. Fortunately, the program director WAS in his right mind, and told us all to just sign the register like we’ve actually subjected vinyl records to a tub full of soap suds. The station owner never caught on.

Back in the stone age we had administrative assistants (called "secretaries" then) who helped us with pesky chores like filing hard copy documents in big cabinets. The ordinary practice was to organize them in alphabetical order. We had a very hard time finding a document one day. It turned out that a newly-hired secretary on her first day at the office had filed it under "L" because she considered it to be a "Long" document.

"I want those books lined up in a circle alphabetically by height." - paraphrased from Vince Lombardi

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