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April 08, 2020


Let's read the comments and find out.


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It's coronavirus-free?

It's got electrolytes.

Upcoming research study, Puzzling case of an inherent vaccine, only case ever recorded.

Pass over some brisket and I'll hide the afikomen!

Happy Pesach to all!

This is a different thread? What day is it?


Last night I dreamed I was host of America's most popular game show, "What Day Is It?

I have not taken seriously or watched CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, CBS, or any other fake news media since the 2000 election, but I saw this note come over the AP wire and thought I would throw it out there strictly because of it's overriding political implications.

CNN reports that a skydiver who forgot his parachute just died of Coronavirus.

If it is Wednesday we are in Belgium,

Tune in next week to find out!

As we approach Easter, let us remember its true meaning - we get to bite the ears off of chocolate bunnies. Christians around the world greet each other with "He is risen!" People of the Jewish faith celebrate the end of Passover by saying "The bread dough has risen." Each religion has its own sacred traditions. Jews eat the almost inedible matzoh. (Okay with a schmear of something on it.) Christians eat the almost inedible marshmallow peeps. (Okay for using as practice golf balls.)

Switching from a standard screw thread to a Metric screw thread without proper warning can cause stripping....and...Uh,.. what was my point here?

Seems like Pharaoh is getting even.

Passover has been called off on account of a plague....

Dave, is this thread different because you were wearing a mask and other protective gear when you wrote it?

It's different because kenzen in Oregon has chimed in.

Ma Nishtana (Hebrew: מה נשתנה‎), are the first two words in a phrase meaning "Why is tonight different from all other nights?" The phrase appears at the beginning of each line of The Four Questions, traditionally asked via song by the youngest capable child attending Passover Seder

FYI to other gentiles like myself...tonight is the first night of Passover in Judaism. Shalom and L'chayim.

Could be worse... We could be out of chicken soup.

pogo: If there's no chicken soup (whya no chicken?) we can have duck soup, but that's entirely irrelephant, so I'll pass over the subject.

Given the c.v.-19 24/7 ad nauseam news, I think I'll smoke some bitter herbs tonight.

Tip of the day: Check your pockets before doing the wash. I forgot to do this earlier today. I can at least look forward to configuring a new cell phone sometime tomorrow.

"If you don't eat your chicken soup, you can't have any pudding.
How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your chicken soup?"

There's no 5G in this thread, is there? You've got to warn us if there's 5G.

Baruch Hashem!

I'm gonna miss John Prine.

L'Chaim, y'all.

I got a replacement phone and have it all set up now. Please don't call, as I'm trying to take this social distancing thing as seriously as I can.

Jack Bauer is about to shoot Coronavirus in the thigh.

The worst part of cancelling the seders this year is that my mom didn't make gefilte fish.

YES Allen at Division. BRING BACK JACK !

Alkali Bill---The first time I heard John Prine's song, Sam Stone, I was working in a mental hospital and we had a lot of vets returning from Vietnam with a monkey on their back. This song struck home, put a lump in my throat and made me a huge fan of his story telling song writing.
R.I.P John Prine.......

I’ve been spending my time listening to John Prine and rediscovering some gems. Will miss his storytelling and music.

We added the Eighth Plague last night. It seemed appropriate, but none of us could translate Coronavirus into Hebrew.

If you observe seder using zoom, do you leave one frame open for Elijah?

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