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April 26, 2020


Miami goes 7 weeks without a murder for first time since 1957

(Thanks to pharmaross and Asher Scheiner)

UPDATE: Turns out this story is not entirely accurate.


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...or they have gotten better at hiding the bodies.

Dave is in a home lockdown, and there are no murders in Miami. I am not suggesting anything, but...

I agree with pogo. Because people are locked down in their homes, the cops just haven't found the bodies.

Miami of Ohio, right? Because it can't be Florida.

Perhaps the imposed isolation has lead to no one noticing someone is missing.

Now they're hoarding bullets in Miami.

Fewer targets on the streets?

On a per capita basis, Miami isn't even in the top 10 for murders (most of the data is looking back at 2019).


Here in (C)harm city we have a similar problem.When the local news broadcast a series about the problems the city was experiencing the report on random shootings was highlighted. Adding to the problem the police said they needed 300 more police to handle the problem.
This caused demands from everywhere to fix the problem. The city government swing into action and announced a new law was passed making plastic bags illegal.
We're still waiting to see how that is going to work

So has anyone considered that there is the whole Atlantic Ocean convenient to Miami? Any number of problems can be weighted down, dropped overboard.

Miami needs to bring back Crockett and Tubbs (ditch the disco wardrobe & update the soundtrack)...


Crockett & Tubbs will be passing out trespassing tickets on South Beach for those violating the 'shelter in place' order from the guv. Might lose a bit of cachet watching a couple of balding, beer belly guys racing across Miami crosswalks and getting winded before jumping into their golf cart with a police bubble on top. Maybe they can go undercover in leisure suits and white patent leather shoes with big Zodiac chains around their necks.

In the season opening comeback episode, Crockett & Tubbs stakeout a busy Miami diner popular with seniors and slap the cuffs on silver-haired scofflaws that double park after arriving en masse for the early bird meatloaf special. They then hit a waterfront en vogue juicebar and knock back some tall prunejuice cocktails while discussing their Medicare election options for the upcoming enrollment period.

How can Florida explain the hoarding of cyanide and arsenic?

After watching SCARFACE, all the bodies are in that mansion.

How exactly does a sale of sneakers go " bad " ?

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