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April 30, 2020


After appointing five dead persons in 2017, namely, Francis Okpozo, a senator in the second republic; Donald Ugbaja, a retired deputy inspector-general of police;  Ahmed Bunza, sole administrator of Jega local government area of Kebbi state, Christopher Utov, a former proprietor of Fidei Polytechnic, Gboko; and Kabir Umar, a former emir of Katagum in Bauchi state, President Muhammadu Buhari has again appointed a dead person in the Federal Character Commission, FCC.

(Thanks to Jim Kenaston, who says "My guess is that these are essential jobs that are being filled.")


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An old tradition. LBJ was first elected to the Senate by dead folks and people in the country illegally.

Hey, those are the same people filling out the Trump Cabinet.

Federal Character Commission? I guess it is OK because dead people have a steady and calm character..

in lieu of sending condolence flowers to next of kin, please send a congratulatory flower bouquet to celebrate the new job.

Does he then collect the salaries for all the positions filled by dead people?

At least they won’t be giving endless self-congratulating speeches.

Electing dead people to political office is a great idea. Few citizens would even notice the difference only they couldn't pass new bills or laws.

Press conferences wouldn't amount to anything (same as now).

Inaction by politicians would be a boon to business and the country in general. It would be easy and cheap to reelect them and they wouldn't acquire costly lifetime benefits.

Yep, sounds good to me.

Probably a good guess coscolo. The chief of our local station at my former agency included hiring of non-existent persons and pocketing the salaries in his wide variety of schemes to defraud the government. The day he was busted and lead out in handcuffs was a high watermark for my Federal Civilian career. He also submitted fake invoices for things never delivered by companies that didn't exist. That his title was Federal Security Director was a standing joke among the staff.

I saw the same thing when I worked in city government. I think the salaries of the dead were going to the coffers of one or more of the political parties involved.

This guy is really nothing special.

President Buhari supposedly got the hinting idea from his opponent in the last election, who waged a low-key campaign from an unmarked grave in the cellar of the Presidential Palace.

Hinting=hiring. Autocorrect does not need to think it is smarter that I am, just because it is.

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