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April 30, 2020


Oregon strip club creates drive-thru experience during coronavirus lockdown: 'People are super stoked'

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Can you supersize me?

Key line: "The dancers are happy to be working and labeled essential workers."

WTFBBQ? Fun, sure. But essential? Nuh-uh.

Do they have wet mask contests?

@Jeff - tomato, tomAAAto

Stoked or stroked?

My brother (who lives in Portland) suggests the next show be called Leave It to Beaver.

Jeff---Your brother also likely knows how Beaverton, Oregon got it's name.

Will they have bike through peep shows for the environmentally conscious ? Asking for a former Vice President.

“The club even throws in a free roll of toilet paper”.... “Hey, lI’ll be right back, going to get some toilet paper”

“I need to go squeeze the charmin”

“Stoked.” It’s so hard to keep up with new euphemisms.

Another example of American exceptionalism.

To stoke or not to stoke
that is the question
no one knows
no one knows
I could ask the shaman named Rick
But he has a cousin named Dick
Maybe just stoke
and question not
like most of the blokes

Clankie: tell him to ask the former President who would have already been, and so would know.

Are the labels strategically located?

Air pollution is one of today's most serious problems, not only because of its effect on climate change, but also because of its impact on public and individual health, as seen by growing rates of disease and mortality.

It is important to follow guidelines and regulations set by health officials to prevent the spread of the virus.

This Oregon strip club has come up with a unique solution during the lockdown by offering a drive-thru experience, much to the excitement of its patrons.

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