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April 07, 2020


Here's something we've been doing to pass the time: Playing board games on the floor with a 5-year-old. Last night we played "Candyland." The object of the game is to try to get back up off the floor after you're done playing. This turns out to be virtually impossible. 


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As of late, my trying to stand up off the ground violates at least a half-dozen known laws of physics.

I spent the day Saturday clearing tree branches from the yard, clearing shrub beds, and laying down lawn fertilizer. I am only now starting to be able to stand fully erect again.


I used to work for Eli Lilly and promoted a drug named Cialis that may help you.

I haven't played a board game in years, but I do still have some from years past. So I looked in the closet where they're stored, and made an interesting discovery:

A never-opened (obviously unplayed) "Trump: The Game". The copyright on the box is 1989. I probably ought to sell it to some collector, but I wonder if it would bring more than the cost to ship it.

Shame on you pharmaross but good one!
The last time I sat on the floor was after I fell down some stairs. I prefer being at least knee high off the ground.

Dave: Stay away from "Twister".


It's recommended for ages " 3+ ". If they wanted you to be able to get up it would have said " 3 and up " .

Tired of the "My Sharona" (Corona) knock-offs?

Here's the real thing...


I am still having trouble sleeping through the night. My brain won't stay turned off.

You may try a drink or two or cannabis to relax.

Just DON'T mix them with Twister like this mom did a few years ago...


MOTW - I'm having trouble staying awake. During the day!

I am having trouble telling the difference between being awake and sleeping.

Craig - you describe my situation exactly.

These days exercising for me is pausing the screen then getting to walk over inches in front of it to see if Christine McIntyre's breasts are visible through her blouse. Mind you I have a 50" TV.

The largest full "Supermoon" of 2020 is rising in the Eastern time zone of the U.S. right now. It's pink and worth a look this evening. Here in SW Florida, the skies are clear and it's amazing!

Christine McIntyre -- from the Three Stooges! Woo! Woo!! Woo!!!

I thought Lucy was older than five.

The moon's not up yet here, but we've certainly got a spectacular Texas sunset over in the other direction. I'll head out again in a half-hour or so. One story I saw said the moon might be bright enough to cast shadows.

I finished a jigsaw puzzle. The box said 3+ years, but it took me only 2 months.

*snork* @ Janice - good one!

It's raining here in So. Cal., so no moon sightings are possible. Those who can see it, please enjoy it for the rest of us.

Dave - The trick is to play near the swimming pool, just roll until you get into the pool. This is where "Stop, Drop and Roll" came from.

I may have reached some point of no return, as I'm now reliving other people's chess matches, such as this "Game of the Century", between then 13-year-old Bobby Fischer and international Chess master Donald Byrne.  It may be safest to view this kind of content while on the floor, especially if you're prone to falling asleep mid-match. I genuinely did find this to be quite interesting, though.


@Jim - still more interesting than golf.

I have the same problem as man tom.


Dave, my wife is with you on the "getting up off the floor" thing, has been for years.

Years ago I purchased a X Box because I didn't want to be one of those second class citizens who didn't own an X Box. I played one game and lost by 300 to 0. Have no interest in playing games that are weighted against me. Kept the X Box in the hope if someone breaks into my house to steal stuff they might take the X Box and be satisfied. Even leaving the doors unlocked hasn't worked.

Missed you all my friends! Now using an iPad instead of my work computer where I’d been posting from for 20 years. It just ain’t the same. But thankfully the Blog is!

And hugs to judi! I think you butt dialed me recently. Hope all is well. We’ll be barbershopping again one of these days.

Good to see you, ubetcha. Per usual, Judi was fired.

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