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April 30, 2020


We have spent much of the day pursuing 10-month-old Kyle Barry -- who can almost walk but prefers to crawl very fast directly toward the most dangerous thing in the vicinity -- so we honestly do not have the energy to think of a theme.

Here we are with Kyle (he's the calmer-looking one, on the left) who is teething and prefers to gum his grandpa's reading glasses. On our computer, you can see only Kyle unless you click on the photo. This is a feature, not a bug.

Also: Yes, we know we need a haircut.

Also: Yes, we think of ourselves as plural.




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Given the stress and tedium of this national lockdown, we could all use a teething device at this point.

I could get my gums wrapped around a margarita.
Today was a day full of boo-boo-heads (from work, not home).
Boo-boo-heads to the left of me
Boo-boo-heads to the right
And not a brain to think.

Kyle is still probably better at Zoom than most of us

Whoa! Someone needs a haircut bad, and it's not Kyle.

If they don't reopen barber shops soon, the ridiculous man buns will be back in style...


Wow, Dave. You look exhausted. Are you getting any rest?

P.S. You have the perfect hair (cut) for a Flowbee. Seriously. I use one. You can get one here. No, really. And think of the money you'd save.

Your hair looks fine, no really, no one should notice that?

P.P.S. Please don't make fun of the inventor's name.

With that mischievous look on Kyle's face, Dave is probably aging one year every hour.

Kyle (rolling eyes): Floridah! Sigh.

Kyle is adorable. Dave needs ten hours of solid sleep.

The Royal "We".

Watch out: sunglasses gnawing can be addictive.

Adorable grandchild.

My hair is about at the length where my parents would complain about it.

If we all just ignore the backs of our heads and trim the front pretty soon we'll be a nation of mullet wearers.

Suzie, like everything else, Flowbees are out of stock at this time.

Re haircut - a few years back I bought at Walmart a thing called Conair Even Cut. I am almost bald, so I trim my remaining hair with this thingy. Basically you get a crew cut. Easy to use, adjustable hair length. Not for people with longer hair.

What answer do you think Mrs. TheBlog will receive from Dave when she asks him to go out and get "just a few things"?

I'm betting Dave will instead ask for a "blanky" and a nap.

I think your hair looks good! Kyle is a cutie.

Aww. Kyle looks like his grandpa!

Dave, the Beatles look is fine as long as you trim your bangs before they start tangling with your eyelashes, which you do not want to trim. Kyle is a cutie.

The hair is fine. I too need a haircut. My longer hair and my cheesy mustache give me a resemblance to Bob Keeshan (Captain Kangaroo). I do hope that creepy Dancing Bear doesn't show up. If Mr. Moose dropped the ping pong balls on me at least it would occupy a little time picking them up. Paging Mr. Greenjeans! I know, Geezer buss pulling away any time now. Be on it.

I've been cutting my own hair for 50+ years, ever since a barber cut off more than I wanted because he didn't like long hair in 1969. The main trick is to go easy on the scissors and mainly use a razor comb. It's much less obvious if you make a mistake. They're cheap and available on eBay, etc.

It’s fitting he likes your glasses, since he has your eyes. Reminds one of this: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=XC3208aRkLI

It's like Sominex, for safe and restful sleep, but much better.

I remember Ralph well from from early January 1969 when this photo was snapped right after eating several Agaricus bisporus.

I wondering if there is an instructional video out there showing how to try and sew a button back on a shirt, giving up then throwing it in the trash.

@ man tom-
For a Steampunk look just drill out the center of each button and Pop Rivet in place.

Groovy haircut, man.

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