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April 29, 2020


It was heard in court that when Ncube saw he was about to be caught, he allegedly knelt and took the posture of a goat holding on to the horns of the goat that was facing him.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Goat rustling is a ba-a-ad idea.

MOTW just got my goat. heh.

I think I played an Ncube once back in the 90s, was it made by Nintendo?

I searched my file pictue archives for 'picture of goat' and this pic of Retirement Elvis was the closest I could come up with.

I searched my file picture archives for 'picture of goat' again, and the pic of Retirement Elvis is the closest I could come up with.

That's a switch. Claiming alcohol WAS involved when it really wasn't.

First-world problems.

So I dug a little deeper into my file picture archives and found this under 'Retirement Elvis thief wows captive audience'.

The use of cheap tactics may have heavily influenced the overall poise of this post.

Use of cheap tactics and added poise.

Ncube butted heads with the law and the law won.

What a Ncube-poop.

How does one look sober while on all fours, goat horns in hand, inside a goat corral?

Ncube has always been considered a horny little devil by people who knew him.

How can one be down on all fours, yet have goat horns in hand?

Not my goat-to man for tactical advice.

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